Ladies in Gemini : Kevin “the green nosed” Bacon

Blackbird… This is no time for siesta… Katie Benner is at The Gates:

Fairy tales can come true…

And, Natty Le Pio…
Eye trust that Ewe are knot reading this, but if Ewe is reading this section of 🦌 Sonora, en 🦌 Escocia,  then Eye trust that Ewe will pay no attention to that White broad, she’s known to sleep with Enanitos Verdes, formally from HERMOSILLO, entre el Mar de Cortés y la sierra de tu Madre Occidental en Chihuahua.

Sonora con escala 📐 en Edimburgo 🦌, what a Racket 🎾


For Mexican Festivities purposes, Cortés is the start of “la conquista” y Chihuahua en donde Hidalgo perdió su cabeza de torero aficionado… CARMENCITA se fue, “Amores Lejanos”.

Whistle while you WO’ik

Of course Lord Luce, you know that El Sacerdote Rupestre de San Eustaquio de Falopio, Municipio de Las Panochas del Silencio, had already set 📐 the table, here’s last week’s REPORT of The Hubble space telescope:

🧑🏼‍🎤 Let’s Dance.


LO QUE VI… Dead Crown en Paz.

A Lad of Chavela


En contexto para, Paz Corona (París, 3e). El pasado 29 de agosto, SoFy Velasco at RFPP 106.3 FM turned Eduardo Galeano into a Toulousain, which precipitated this blog to turn Carlos Gardel into a Rana uruguaya.

Acapulco… this is no time for Siesta 🎾 What A Racket!!! Doña Licha II.

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