El Ocho… ACT VIII: in search of Ronald McDonald*

Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY!!!

Remember now, Roxanne, little old i is still in the process of answering Father James-es-es question of where does the geography of truth for America 🇺🇸 in América 🌎 begins?… “Dad damn Ewe », Galileo! Dad damn Ewe, you sonovabitch, period!

André Manoukian is of course, —a fag! … EWE WANT SOURCES? EYE GOTS SOURCES! Öüï has a variety of « cholos re-loaded » straight out of Montreuil-sous-Bois arriving to MATAMOROS, vía Barcelonnette.

Jen Psaki pilates show starts on Sunday, and Eddie Gloude Jr., The Hamburgler is in trouble now as The Psaki get’s a hard-on for finding out what happened to Ronald McDonald

*~. And starring as Ronald McDonald, the man with the make-up in his two-year presidential term and a Nationalist Airport in Washington, D.C, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Station Takeover… or is Denis Soula (that motherfucker) trying to bring back the news to Them ISSY-freaqs?



https ://www .radiofrance .fr /franceinter /podcasts /le-13-14 /le-13-14-du-lundi-13-mars-2023-Pascal Wintzer, archevêque de Poitiers

FRANCEINTER just possessed the SIRÈNE’S waves… Joy Division ➗ {and} The Vatican get it on, on the track “Suicide Solution is Painless ». Don’t call The Exorcist because it’s all part of the show.

Lonnie Liston Smith, no relation to SONNY “say my name” Liston, described the FranceINTERpossesion as “some sort of middle of the road funk encounter on Mulholland Drive”, a sort of cosmic funk said a nearby indigent with French Shopping bags and who manifested herself with a Pinocchio marionette eating a Double-Double from the John 3:16 burger joint near The Crossroads with Highway 101.

Cultural Experiences Abroad… MUST SHOW WORK: La Kerschovas in El Ey. Öüï found La Kerschovas and her Tati Bags™️ strollin’ along Griffith Park Road on her way to The Hollywood Bowl.


It’s the wee hours in West Los Angeles and our GO’ill de Niza was just kicked out of an after The Oscar-es-es after party, long story short but with a lot of bass on that tail, DeNiza was caught making out with Jason after the Allegretto nomad pulled that fucker out of the technical room, where Jamie Lee Curtis had the homicidal Basterd’ working under the minimum wage en “lo negro” y por debajo de la mesa³.

Which brings us back to that Pinocho with panochas… no wait scratch that, not with panochas, but with KERSCHOVAS! Pinocho under Kerschovas: 

— Via la BBC, of course, with the collaboration of Juanito Guanabacoa en rfpp . net and his tribute to Francisco Gabilondo Soler:

Having said these last words, Pinocchio  jumped up in a rage and, seizing a wooden hammer from the counter, he threw it at Jiminy Cricket (Cricri ). Perhaps he did not count on hitting it, but unfortunately it hit him, and hit him on the head, so much so that poor Cricket barely had breath to say cricricri and get stamped against the wall.

Context on this weekend’s editon of, “Aquí somos aqui estamos”, con Juanito Guanavacoa is on the next page… porque “Cuando Canta Alejandro Loralo manda a chingar a su madre su señora“:

The little duck (Like ewe)with a basket and cotton-ball châle Like eweGot mad (Como tú)Because everything is expxensive at the market

And, Eddie Gloude Tenure, Öüï’s gonna need Perry Mason to figure this Columbina, out of C.E.A.

For context, I might not have the best C.V. in the universe, but you know what Suzy “Free Press”? It’s mine and not someone else’s. Unfortunately this blog is not adequate enough to satisfy an explanation, again. And so, It would be probably easier if I would refer you to Bruno at the Préfecture so that you perhaps, maybe, feel the needle going into the groove of one of them recently purchased L.P’s described on the Donnie Deutsch advertisement section of the Morning Mika Show because, part of that LEGACY crowd at Columbia University at SciencesPo, La Sorbonne and of course… the ESCP was part of my customer base, regardless of what Bruno and his chain of supevisors say at the préfecture of police at Cité.

Looking back, ten years in a rearview mirror, the French Préfecture de Police might have all kinds of catalogues depicting the different kinds, or sorts of fabrics from their fucking COLONIES, including México, but those cocksuckers sitting behind the desk never picked-up a cotton ball and gin that fucker up into a pretty little châle “de bolita”, like the one that ADELITA wore in SERPICO.

After he decided to make the film, Al Pacino invited Frank Serpico to stay with him at a house that Pacino had rented in Montauk, NY. When Pacino asked Serpico, “Why did you do it?” Serpico replied, “Well, Al, I don’t know. I guess I would have to say it would be because if I didn’t, who would I be when I listened to a piece of music?”

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0070666/ Serpico 1973

[not a Juanito Guanavacoa on an rfpp . net Sunday Show, —that is for sure].

Tras las huellas de Diderot*

Efemérides de La Semana
porque Señoras y Señores
sin olvidar a las Señoritas:
en el mes de octubre
una parte de El Cine**
tenía que Nacer.

Che… mañana en Francia es La Noche Blanca… pero mientras ese Contenedor de Contexto te llega, pues, aquí en el párrafo que aparece  abajo de este cuadro —algo fragmentado— de la Alcaldía de Páris, te dejo la efeméride de una idea revolucionaría que como a ti, el neo liberalismo extinguió.

Tierra y Libertad.”

Pas de Replâtrage: en un día como ayer, pero de 1936, el Presidente Lázaro Cárdenas del Río cumplió una parte de las promesas de la Revolución Mexicana de 1910. En La Comarca Lagunera (Durango y Coahuila) se repartieron parcelas de tierra y los alumnos en las escuelas aprenden una nueva designación catastral de la que sus abuelos fueron privados durante el PORFIRIATO [del papá de don Alfonso Reyes] y cuya NOMENCLATURA es: El Ejido… unfortunately; 55 years later in 1991, neo liberalism in Mexico was in full swing and “collective use of the land” was not very popular with Ivy League technocrats such as Carlos Salinas de Gortari of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). Two years into his six-year term in office, Salinas de (su chingada madre) Gortari RESTRUCTURED Article 27th of the Mexican Constitution, which covers the use of Mexican lands; by doing so, he opened the door to transnational industries such as food processing juggernaut TYSON FOODS (NYSE: TSN). Ironically, near a town called “El 6 de Octubre,” one of Tyson Foods chicken slaughter compounds is in competition with a Canadian mining company for the vast amounts of water that are needed to run their operations; Tyson Foods uses the water to clean the blood left behind by the thousands of metric tons of chicken meat that leaves the slaughterhouse, which within a 24-hour turn around rate, and a lot of Just-In-Time know-how ,Tyson Foods is able to stock your local supermarket frozen sections with “rapidly raised pollos,” which may even end up in your favorite Chef’s restaurant menu; while Excellon (TSE: EXN) requires the water to wash away all of the carbonate replacement deposits on the SILVER deposits that the corporation takes back to Toronto… both of these STOCK EXCHANGE traded industries leave vast amounts of pollution behind, while also drying up the collective water reserves of an already semi-arid zone. This my friends is why El Ejido se saboteo (mi muy estimado PhD. candidate, Michael Wilson Becerril). Viva México, la CNOP y por supuesto la CNC.


¡Brozo! Voy por un pisto… Ahorita te metó las efemérides de Cataluña, pero por mientras: una tangente de un argentino que gambetea por esos lares… Señoras y Señores; Niños y Ñiñas, y “todos aquellos que quieren y aman el fútbol”, La Selección de Fútbol de La Argentina está a un paso de quedarse afuera del próximo mundial de fútbol asocioación… TimeStamp: 1900h CET.

El Milenio de Marin, se tragó en Torreón, a La Opinión

Me resultó difícil localizar la nota, o mismo la efeméride del “Reparto de Tierras” del año 36′ del siglo pasado; no obstante el histórico vuelo del Francisco Sarabia francés, ROLAND GARROS (si, don Carlos, el mismo que don Fernando Schwartz nos cementó en sus cápsulas deportivas en “Acción”) no pudo faltar en las cosas que pasaron en un día como hoy en las REFERENCIAS de La Comarca Lagunera, en el siglo de Torreón.

Dear, Collectif CHTO DELAT… à l’occasion de NUIT BLANCHE A PARIS “en colaboración” avec NUIT BLANCHE Toronto… The Town of Excellon: PLEASE STAND BY, turn your Squelch On, context about tonight’s VoBo’s PR function follows.

Si alguien de San José de Las Panochas encuentra la referencia, no duden en hacérnoslo saber… De cualquier manera, “en un día como hoy” nació el compositor que inspiró (como por osmosis) el mote despectivo a los políticos de México. En un día como hoy, pues, en Orizaba, Veracruz, nació don Francisco Gabilondo Soler; Cri-Cri.

… TimeStamp: 2300h CET

La obra en construcción y un costal sintético.

* Dear, non readers: we [the staff] are still on the trail of Diderot; please stand by for reference, in the mean time, here’s Cri-Cri®: