Banjo! Only an Idiot would take on The Banjo!

Previously on 6th Grade Late Night French lessons:

La Mémoire… 🚬
So you are saying that

So you are saying that you support the Frog Scene? .::. B567EDEE-4487-4156-8188-B4C39CF304E2 🎲🍾

Öüï, Mr. Meyers, öüï indeed.
Rien de mémoires,
rien, (del verbo REIR) por supuesto, es lo que esperamos del siguiente sketch…
and D.A.T., Sethy Boy is another translated
HAPPY segue to Patton Oswald!
BUT FOist, meet me at the “troll cabinet”.


Must show related reference, and not just pull segues out of Kumail Nanjiani’s ass (punto y coma) the nerve of that motherfucker to call King James, “James”.

Sethy Boy, Eye tells you, those fucking immigrants. Next thing you know they will go around calling heads of state by their last name only. Heck, even the lowest rank in the military is addressed by his rank, PRIVATE. Eye once knew a guy who called President François Hollande by his “American” call sign, FRANCK, sometimes this here motherfucker removed the “e” in D.A.T. president’s last name just to irk the Filthy Dutch, but then again, Sethy Boy, President Holland had his Catalonian version* of Rand Paul relay to the Paris Préfecture de Police to give Mí hell for daring to knock at The French Consulate’s doors in Los Angeles, California on the eve of The Year of México In France;

…what did President Obama do to Kumail to deserve the title of Commander-in-Chief to be dropped from his (Mr. Nanjiani’s, not “Obama’s”) comedy routine?

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