Armando Segovia à Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris — nº 2.1

Your Honor, Sir, with all due respect, please note that in the absence and/or lack of a lawyer for my Administrative hearing, this addendum to the response of pg. 2 of Mr. Yannick’s summary is a rider to this post:

The fastest pit-stop in the world

The fastest pit-stop in the world.:.2BBA8178-8C64-4192-9D4E-CD18B65E1B73 •|• Almost as hot as a frozen Hell, and twice the bureaucracy of a paper trail cut with Diamond blades. Step right inVEST GKNOW! —_!_— Just don’t get in the way of “democracy” that process is reserved for kings and tsar’s, and of course Rocket Man, Whinnie Pooh and Erdogân.  —!— APPLY GKNOW!!! Make the Empire Great Again, and nevermind the Yndios, ahijado… and the Colored Girl goes: is Urban Terrorism a good field? Or did Total and Real Estate developers hogtied that field? 🧶 For the record Your Honor, monsieur President of the Admin Court, this is not an Intermission, this here is the start of The Process, but “öüï are too old for this shit,” to quote a the Sidekick of a Lethal Weapon… we (the staff of this most non–Consequential INVESTMENT) lost everything to the fickle caprices of Window clerks, ladder climbers, and even a to a Mason daughter’s whims. Check the record your Honour, it’s all on the 7ème’s paper trail—Yannick is miope.

https ://2019 /11 /05

In any case, a bing . com translation will follow, in the meanwhile, it has not even been a Mexican pay period (una quincena, pues) and in that short span of running history, France has reformed it’s immigration laws, and in particular, for those in “the professional” fields, also, Mr. Macron is now archived on Radio France International as being against “those who come to France for three-months” and sign-up for your Social Security health network. Good for him.

For the record... travelers insurance

For the record… travelers insurance was a FAULT [as opposed to not possessing a policy and having the French Social Security pay for any medical treatment, deemed a merit by my 7ème bureau review] for visa renewal purposes; context follows, si usted (Su Señoría) así lo desea, But let the record show that one of the contributing factors that “snowballed” into my current dire situation was, —I kid you not— securing what the French call a “CDI” work contract, which included what Americans call “collective bargaining” clauses, and as I mentioned, not going to England or Algeria every three months in order to reset the Hello–Goodbye mandingo routine; and in the voice of Forrest Gump, “that is all that I am going to say about that,” Mr. Yannick.

Para la memoria, have i, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto have a 7ème bureau dépôt COGNITIVE DISSONANCE backassward, Bruno and Stephanie, anecdote because «conflicts of interests », Mr. Président of the court, reveal the darnedest things about France, and probably French Theory, also.

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