Deer, Jean-Pierre Asvasadourian… Magnum is for fags*

*~. Jonathan Quayle Higgins III told Mí so, back in 2015, but Nicolle Wallace made it a point that existential crisis-es-es are silly, followed by an, “erase your account”.

Dragons are closer than they appear. Do not feed the dragon, and stay away from the “heroines”.

Fast-forward To They, and all of a sudden “existential emergencies” became the talking points on the MSNBC’s.

Aussi, the U.S. Constitution, contrary to populists beliefs, is not the operator’s and/or service manual to The Republic. The U.S. Constitution is the instructions pamphlet for an imperfect democratic process, and a worthless and anachronic Electoral College.

https ://twitter .com /AsvazadourianJP /status /henri-cartier-bresson

Segoviaspixes© on the other lens, mister French Ambassador to Xochimilco, is where it’s at, them cats at Henri’s joint next to Buttes-Chaumont and the Puebla Pavillion lack a spectrum of light that only EYE (alone) can deliver.

Literally, Breaking on FOX News, a Trump republican from South Carolina admits that Putin, and not Australia, is the enemy.


Öüï, however, insist that Australia is the enemy. In any case that The Barbie is in, Shrimpy’s cousin, Pinchie, is not amused David French. And that’s just mister Paine bitchin’ about el pastiche cubano (mañanero) en franche°musique.

The Gall, France! And nothing but the motherfucking Gall, France.

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