Résidente en Ayotzinapa — Atréve-te-te

Vereda Tropical / Lamento Puertorriqueño

Los Amigos de Mélenchon en YucatánBohm-Bah.

Sponsored by: Heineken y Corona

Now that Jesús is in Lockdown, El Mineral del Monte en Hidalgo, México… puede descansar.

All together now — La Resentida de Marco Layera, o como dice Juanito Guanabacoa, “‘pa que no se sienta tanto’”

The following is a personal observation at Le Bataclan made in the Summer of 2015;  scratch that, “ah, the Humanity!”:

yyyy 🛩️🛩️🛩️🛩️🛩️🛩️


First and foremost, no disrespect to The Space Cowboy ni mucho menos al señor René y su compadre Cabra. Sin embargo, if you are old enough to remember a time when Traveling Without Moving was about to party like it was Y2K, then maybe Alicia might get my drift … 🚶🏽 … if Alicia remembers the treadmill, Mehdi Hassan does as he shadow boxes the pinche IRS.

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