September 24, 2020 — Entre pavos reales y flamencos

Getting back to El Mes de La Memoria at The White House (1600 Pennsylvania Ave.)…

If you think that it is Way Too Early, for this shit… then you are probably a few days (40 for the election) from finding out what Chile felt when The President of The United States nulled that countries’ ballots… c’mon, Kasie, Ketch-up!


Meanwhile, en El Mundo de Le Monde… did you ever think, Bruxelles (🇧🇪), that the French medias would get all FLAMENCOS about their « freedom fries?”

… [A]nd Belgium weighs in:

— Not before 11h30 in C.E.T., and never before breakfast.

Flamenco,a, adj. colloquial

1. insolent, defiant
2. a type of art
3. a charming person

Freedom Fries, a « Catchphrase » invented coined by Nicolle Wallace during her role as Kayleigh McEnany during the time of the U.S. Administration that gave u.s. “the people”, the original recipe for Supreme Court decisions of WHO gets to PLAY president of THEM united states of america.

… [A]nyhow, as you are probably not aware, the staff of this most non–consequential blog is on hiatus, and Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo is playing the role [very badly] of Wolfman Jack [motherfuckers].

—Wanna know what grinds my coalition?

That’s right non-listeners, the thing that really makes Mí spin in place is the improper use of a Hawaiian shirt, especially when you strap a semi-automatic weapon of war over, IT, in the name of nativism. If that’s how you “3” percenters choose to go to war, then öüï demand that all of your female ranks arrive in  itsy-tiny-weenie-polka dot-bikinis, Yeah Buddy!

— And for the record, while the powers that be circumvent the next processes of a General Election, here’s a blast from the past, it’s called “Hamburgers in Paradise”:

Previously on...

Previously on:
This Week in History with Colonel Reid .:. C1874427-9FB9-40D9-ADC5-23F7E325CDA2 🗃 https ://asegovia3 .com /2016/10/15 /this-week-in-history-today/


This week in History… today

Intermedio with the BriWi’s — Surf’s Up, Charlie

It’s the 11th Hour at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, New York, and in Portland, Oregon:

“America as I see, IT!”

“America as I see, IT!”

Cualquier parecido con las madres de La Plaza de Mayo, en Buenos Aires Argentina es pura CAUSALIDAD, Eugene Robinson, nothing but a rhyme–in–time.

In the words of Lt. General Honoré:

— “What kind of bullshit is this?”
[And the waiter replies]
— A Quilmes, Sir.
— Pabst Blue Ribbon, I ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon.

TimeStamp: 17h11 in EST — Dear, ARI VELSHI

POTUS takes a cue from the president of México, except that instead of forcing the Nation to “adore” his ignorant ass at 07h, POTUS prefers to deliver his word salad at 10 past the HOUR!

Today Marks 15 Weeks
'Till The November Election


Deer, Ari:

Don’t call it “America is being Pinocheted,” good £orde!!! No, no, no — No! América is being Kissingered! In the words of Rachel Maddow:

You Are Knot Foolin’ Anyone
Mark Landler, Eye Can See D.A.T.
You Are Trying To Play The Role of A Young Henry Kissinger…
May Eye please play the role of:
a young Bob Evans trying to pass as a bullfighter?

You Magnificent Basterd! Get Mí The Head of Jesús Domínguez! No wait, you got @Taserface16 last night; scratch D.A.T.! Get Mí The Head of Sarah what’s her face on the Deadline Show. Eye had an entire Wednesday morning prepared for TUESDAY’s GONE! But, nooooo! You JEST had to drop the Mother Lode, ISSY, Mr. Velshi: Zeppelin Goes Here.

Pinochet as a Verb:

Instructions for use, the student will conjugate or turn into action with the AID of a Spanish language Gerund, or as öüï say on this space, ARMANDO (para la memoria).

Mr. Velshi, do you, Sir, know what the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is? Well, Mr. Velshi, the good thing about U.S. taking advantage of Mr. Sarkozy’s Talents and Skills Visa program in 2010 (when i, Armando Segovia requested, IT!, alas—and Armando Serrano Prieto being Spawned) is that I, unlike “La CIA. Resentida” de Marco Layera and every Chilenean of my generation (Generation Ex) that comes to France, I actually have a MEMORIA for the Président du Tribunal Administrative* au Pont Marie (just above the Kiss Bridge) Reid About It! Find out About IT!

* That is you know – You’ve got to
Tune–In but it’s alright
That is Eye Think D.A.T. our trip was not made in the style of
“an on–again•off–again”
3-month tourist visit…
and I know that Monsieur Le Préfet de Paris knows what the fuck I am Talking About. And we thank you for not putting u.s. in Solitary Confinement.

Night and Day, baby! — Jour et Nuit, cherie!