Where were you when Paola was getting High?

Based on an Oasis song about Broadway.

🎶 Pao’ was gettin’ Hi…

And now, the weather report… Oh, hey Puerto Rico, it’s mostly cloudy but those are not them Evil Fiona Soundclouds, those are Adam’s Fig leaf Cumulonimbus strikes.


Dear, Paola Ramos, thanks for not reading. Anyhow, immediately after the frame below, Eye is going to answer your question for Willie Geist (a personal hero of mine 💥)

Viejas feas!… Pare de sufrir.


Pao’ was gettin’ Hi…

Full Disclosure, Jorge RaYmos is a personal hero of mine, but you have to be La hija de Silvia Pinal to get a Gig at the Cave… Or a mean-looking Cunt from El Tecnológico de Monterrey campus laguna.

Hello, Good Bye.

AS promised, here’s Paola Ramos’ my response to her question about the “hispanic” vote in the Río Grande del Rio Gringo de Eagle Pass:

Paola asked of Willie Heist, where was the Democratic Caucus in Del Río in the past six years?

Proposed answer to Willie Heist:

The democratic voting committee was too busy in Los Angeles, California, sucking on Beto O’Rourke’s dick on The Bill Maher Show, don’t believe Mí, Mr. Geist? Ask The Circus’, Jennifer Palmieri, her co-host³³ was sucking Bill Maher’s old shriveled FIGS on his HoBO Show last night at Dodger Stadium.

Pao’ was getting high–Pao’ was getting HIGH.

³³. The Circus on Shhh…eau Thyme.

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