Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas

Part won of tú.

Who killed The Phantom? Let’s ask The New York City Mayor… Di Blasio, not the other guy… he’s our prime suspect on this case, the Mayor was last spotted braggin’ about how he gave “The Keys” to the city, to the fellow who pulled the curtains on The Phantom. I smell a rat tsar on this one, and it is not pretty. Knot pretty at all, and I mean each and Évry last one of Ewe pretty-motherfuckers!


The following is a Public Service Advertorial… and Reverend All, I do mean ALL of you, because that feeling that Mika Brzezinski has about Gun Violence in America sin acento right now, rings true to what Mexicans on the receiving end of those “western union remesas” have been feeling since the Merida DRAFT in 2006.

En Contexto for Le Pen Club Grand Prix de Traduction 2023, en France:

You have to head East from La Parole Errante towards Vincennes… in 2011, because that is where Mika’s observation intersects with the artistic expression of the artist known as “Freddy Cats” and his ‘cholos re-loaded’.

Note to disqualifying judges  :  this is a motherfucking adaptation, not a direct translation, on account that that particular body of work was killed by the Préfecture de Police at Cité and proxico… just the facts, Stephanie Menou, —just the facts, madam. And Stephanie, do say hello to Talía “saltamontes” Olvera, por favor³.

Negrothis is exactly what I am talking about, no sooner did Benny Blanco from The Bronx put out his vision of América and the no-good Paris tourism board in collaboration (no less) with Denis Soula (that motherfucker) both reacted by eating the GO’ill de Niza and a motherfucking GREC! Le Culot, Susana Pubeda! La audace, Aussie, el descaro. What’s next MONY-MONY?, that Lionel Esparza is going to dish out to they—hoy, a François “Comme d’Habitudewith Rosa Parks’ “My Wey“? No imagination whatso-fucking Eva! None… have a seat, rookie.

Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University-San Bernardino… https ://www .theguardian .com /us-news /2023 /mar /14 /us-hate-crimes-2021-fbi-data this article is more than 1 month old

Öüï find La Kerschovas at chez Los Feliz, in at Grifo’s³ Park in El Ey, where a notorious smuggler heir, —hier soir— delivered the goods to La Kerschovas in Réel Temps de Cerise 🍒.

La des°fach°a°tez franco-romana de France Musique.


[³~.Word roots for Ugly Mexicans at politico dot com with a conflict of interest WITH MARK ZUCKERBERG go here for the purpose of the contrariant resolution of The Pen Club 2003 Transliteration and Adaptation Grand 🏎️ Prix  para el trono 🚽… ]

³~. Very well, Alex Dutilh, let Mí introduce you to my little friend, PRUDENCE… and just to set the scene for the good people of Montreuil-sous-Bois, and especially Marie-Laure Coulmin at the Club de Mediapart, the president of PENCLUB français³ was right, it takes a little more than an internet application to translate a text, “to do it right child,” just as the one who is called the “Quiet one” said, —all those years ago.

³~. So sorry if I did not catch your name last Saturday, April 15th at La Parole Errante

So, with the aforementioned in mind, let’s connect the dots, because I am not about to start pulling SHIT out of LA CAÑERIA without knowing how to fix LA TUYAUTERIE. De arranque what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common? Anyone? —what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common?

Bueller? —what does un ¹grifo, un ²segundo nombre, and a ³tap have in common

— That’s right, Ferris, these things are FALSE FRIENDS when it comes to TRANSLATION and INTERPRETATION, but ol’Number Two (no pun intended, mister President) just got back to Del Aware and that crafty son-of-a-bitch stole a leprechaun’s lucky coin so let U.S. bring in Luigi Mario from 1993, not the one from 2023 to make a MAGICK circle with the 30 years celebrated this past week, which of course is our common-base to bring in the other circles and join these to-get-her…


— see what each MANDOrLA on a vesica piscis is going to reveal. Perhaps a song, or a tree, who knows! CA3422 en PANtone.

Later at 20h CET it’s a New Edition of:

Screen-grab courtesy of Kirk Lazarus Talent Agency.


What da’Hecq! Let’s go 20,000 leagues down El Toledo. By Victoriano Hu…Go.

Wait one for The Phantom’s autopsie from a French morgue… I have the murder weapon.

Circle forward to part Two. And didn’t I tell Ewe Yesterday that it was going be a Ghost Note? Didn’t Eye?

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