Get Shorty Season 3; EP6 — Roman Polanski

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The French, [them people] sure love those affairs“… they just call’em something Else, said Jay Gatsby.

"In the morning don't say you love mí

Faces: In The Morning don’t say you love Mí.:.DAFDE796-795B-4CC9-BA88-C920C14CAF1F •|• “Sit down, get up, get Out“. -_- “…[B]ut then (that bitch) looked mí in the EYE“, said Agent Pettypiece, on the msnbc’s audio mic’s.

Jesus built my car
It's a love affair
Mainly Jesus and my hot rod

Yeah, fuck it!

Ladies in Gemini:
Roman Polanski directs
The Great Gatsby – a new breed

courtesy of Ministrydon’t bee EVIL
🎶🎶Ding a ding a dang
a dong dong ding dong

Every where I go🎶🎶

Mean while, the Great impeachment hearings continue in Reel–Thyme at Capitol Records, [them federales de la oficina] move in like a General Pershing’s perra on the “bad hombres… y hembras”, that the DEA helped to criminally organize in the backyard that [them gringos] call The Merida Plan, o algo así.

Military Factory

Military Factory.:.2DC79A82-A52F-4172-996F-1D3EED3CC2F4 •|• Over at the Newest Border in the World (Turkish/Syrian) Agent Angle could not confirm the nationality of that D.A.R.E. bird with fire throwing capabilities; was it an Airbus « Super Puma »? Perhaps a Canadian “Freedom Fighter”? Or maybe a Lockheed Martin “Fighting Falcon”… or was it a Phantom too?

Now to be fair, one cannot serioulsy compare the General Pershing punitive incursion into la Sierra de Chihuahua in 1916, with the “consigliere” role of the F.B.I. in 2019.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, if a Doroteo Arango surged from the betrayed ranks of the U.S.- Kurdish Strategic Allience, would you really hold it against them? The Kurds, not us

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA.:.582EEB74-9FFD-41B5-B07A-D8379BEE096A •|• 6° of canine breeding; it pretty much happens when a Breeder takes “un perro mezcla” and “a pure breed” and lets them two fuck for giggles, the resulting “perritos”, or “crías” cannot be determined until the day that “los cachorros” arrive. SOURCE: “von~ferriz~haus . com”, Metodología para la Crianza Canina.

Entonces, pues, Cousin Joe, it’s not as if the Mormon family of Galeana, [Chihuahua] of 2019 has anything to do with the Mormon splinter cell of San Diego [California] of 1972. Two different matters, completamente. Now then, is the Fi.Bi.Is. presence in Mexico justified and  within the scope of a nations so-called sovereignty? The answer Willie Geist rests upon a single message heard in 2016, it goes like this and it must be read in an Alec Baldwin (Jack Ryan) voice:

Russia, if you’re listening…

because if “the” president extends the invitation then it’s not a blunder, o como dicen los franceses, un faux pas.

Over at the MoJo Show:

Vexed  by agent Haass yesterday, and left rickety baffled by the current soul of America [sin acento] TODAY, Mika’s decorative statue outside of 30 Rock shrugged, “it seems that Erdogan and the Kurds have a Love Affair in the Way That Jesus built my Hot Rod,” explained in a digression, Gibby Haynes outside of Capitol Records.

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