Hoy no hubo Jazz… Licha needs an intervention.

No insistan… porque en México (chicuela SePulveda) es hora de ver Uña y mugre con Rosario. (Wanna dance, little mousette?).

The good thing about this blog

The good thing about this blog.:.185ED11D-BB6C-4AF1-A909-E4D89B384E7F •|• that the Breakfast Club doesn’t read it.

Let’s replay that structured Camilo Cienfuegos double Play:

Bill Maher mixed the “who’s the byline on that reportage” comedy routine, and Agent Angle went: Not Him!

At the plate, Agent Angle popped an easy foul, which Manu Chao caught, then slapped Angle’s ass for the first out then he unloaded on Madge, who shrugged her shoulders and then said: What? As she tagged Derek Waters for the double play.

Now because this BlogCast is SIMULTANEOUSLY blogcasted on AFN TV, Local regulations require a literal translation of the play:

— Bridge (Agent Angle) = Puente (out n° 1)

— Bridge (Derek waters) = Pont (N/A… out Nº 2)

p is for bridge

p is for bridge. spit it out Mr. Noah. Spit that piece of pepPeronni OUT.

In Washington, Elise Jordan, is in disarray. Elise just found out that El Obispo emérito de Salma Hayek, monsegnor Onésimo (también) C’em#peda might have even baptized, confirmed and perform “La Primera Comunión” con por lo menos algunos de los potrillos de “don Chente”, allá en Tepatitlán de las Noas, which reminds us [the staff] about That “thing” with Mr. Noah, —over at the Comedy Centrals.

This frame is missing a Letter p

This frame is missing a Letter p.:. and Mr. Noah goes: nah man, Eye just told me to munch it out of the screengrab.

So, listen here Mr. Noah. FLOUR is, you damn Rhodie you, the base of the Afrofusion pizza, you ignoramus, water is, of course, the element for what Ol’Dirty Bastard might have reefer’d to, —as the “ThoughDoug. and the rest is just Salami to go with that €927 chorizo that you are already munching on.

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