Salle de garde — la permanence

Duc de Colla-quién-sabe-qué y de Sangü—ya-se-me-olvido… BORRADOR!!!

This is only a draft. All situations, places, characters/voice impersonations and, story-lines (bad ones at that) are fictional.

Note to editors:
hello, if you are just joining us on this most non-consequential site please be advised that the ex-tweets from my X account are a collection of collages of a preliminary draft of a work-in-progress, —en otro proceso.

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Orgía… Eye bets Ewe think this post is about youse.


Los borradores por eso son buenos… because upon further inquiring from them gods, it turns out that it’s not a Duc but a Count, and it’s not Colla-quién-sabe-qué y Sangü—ya-se-me yada, yada, yada. It’s Collagudo y Singüenza, (cojonudo y sinvergüenza) en la región de GUADALAJARA (a place of stones, or something like that) but not the one where the mariachi stems from, but the one in Spain, where I’ve never been.

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🎶 Las capas nuevas que al mesón l’Embarres se vienen marcadas con intern’s mecos… 🎺