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Duc de Colla-quién-sabe-qué y de Sangü—ya-se-me-olvido… BORRADOR!!!

This is only a draft. All situations, places, characters/voice impersonations and, story-lines (bad ones at that) are fictional.

Note to editors:
hello, if you are just joining us on this most non-consequential site please be advised that the ex-tweets from my X account are a collection of collages of a preliminary draft of a work-in-progress, —en otro proceso.

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Orgía… Eye bets Ewe think this post is about youse.


Los borradores por eso son buenos… because upon further inquiring from them gods, it turns out that it’s not a Duc but a Count, and it’s not Colla-quién-sabe-qué y Sangü—ya-se-me yada, yada, yada. It’s Collagudo y Singüenza, (cojonudo y sinvergüenza) en la región de GUADALAJARA (a place of stones, or something like that) but not the one where the mariachi stems from, but the one in Spain, where I’ve never been.

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🎶 Las capas nuevas que al mesón l’Embarres se vienen marcadas con intern’s mecos… 🎺

Las matelas* day parade à Champs Élysées

Friday, June 30th 2017.      Gare D’Austerlitz…           Boulevard de l’Hôpital et Rue Buffon

Los Miserables en forma de un Doodle

Estimada Raquel…  This is a fair use of media. [Context follows]. Stick around, we’ll be right back.

So, rumor has it, that the last time that the American delegation played the who’s got the bigger dick (“bite”  en Française —o polla, en la Península Ibérica) Tommy Jefferson went ahead and had the venison of a reindeer, or an elk (or some wild animal with big fuck’n horns of that kind ) taxidermed in Virginia, and then sailed it across the Atlantic in order to have that specimen showcased during a Great Big Bal, hosted no less, by the last ‘famous’ King of France… y te comento Gustavo, que ese —proceso— tuvo lugar (según los historeadores) precisamente, en Versailles.

TimeStamp: 22h34 CET

  • Matelas = Mattress = Colchón

Rumor has it, that the good folks at l’Élisée were kind enough to extend the 45th president of the U.S. of A. a front-row seat to the upcoming 14 of July Military Parade here in Paris…  in other topics, we here at [staff] heard a rumor that French boars are bigger and have bigger fangs than their American wild pigs counterparts from the East Coast.