La estética de Juanito Gianabacoa — engross-ame el Chile y juega con él

Juanito fue a un SpAh y se cambió el apellido ficticio de su universo en Paname.

The Set List — Culture Rapide Jam à Belleville. Hit the road, Moe…

¡Como mama, y como chupa! porque el su°fijo de Papon en rfpp . net es, por supuesto, MAMÓN.

Con todo respeto, que chingue a su madre Gabriel García Márquez y sus cinco minutos de soledad, —ya chole con tus pinches 100 años.

Y para repartir amor:

Gabo may have finished his Nobel-worthy novel in México, but his legacy lives in TEXAS, the state with the QUASI-Pinochet flag.

Why? Why did Gabo’s legacy sought refuge in Texas? I am sure that question has been answered like 1 million times, still, what if the Rockefeller of Ed Norton’s character had been around when Gabo got punched by that perrUANO en la Academia del Puente de La Mala en el 6eme.

TEQUENDAMA de Oro en ElDorado de SciencesPo.

Note to Préfecture:

Your boy, Juanito Belmont had a medical doctor and a pintora on his spiel to the Solidaire Left de Extremadura en BOTZARIS, and if this doesn’t mean squat to all Ewe motherfuckers, then maybe you should hit reply on that email sent from then doctor Poisson (today she is a professor) and ask her if the photographs that Francisco Belmont took of her place of work, and especially the entry-access doors mean a thing to her, if there is one thing that Nazi-loving French at the Préfecture love is a reformed police element skilled in psychological torture and/or harassment… especially if an Amnesty International glorified panhandler from Belleville writes a book about “How I met your mom in Japan.”

Salón Victoría.

The GALL de France, REGINALD ELTON, —the Gall!!!.

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