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Juicios mochos


Dear, Alcaldesa Hidalgo:
please stand-by for relay regarding
the municipal showers at Beaubourg…
news porn keeps cloggin’
a Royal flush

BeeFour we [the staff] continue with our toilette coverage from the city with the best germs in the world, öüï must explain “a little know fact about Mongo” to La Concha de la juez Jeanine Pirro in the role of a young Cecily Strong:

Fuck you, Tim Apple

And in CHINA!

Jour et Nuit... Öüï seen a Squat or two

Jour et Nuit… Öüï seen a Squat or two, so we covered it.

It’s Saturday Night!!!

…[B]ut, we [the staff] of this most non–CONSEQUENTIAL blog return to:

Estimada, Alcaldesa Anne Hidalgo…

* for the record, the context is not the Regime, but the Technology, and of course the methods, so bear with u.s. as öüï try to deconstruct a most-CONSEQUENTIAL coverage of life in the City with “the best germs” (as read on a Parisian poster wall) on the face of the Planet Earth.

That's right Judge Pirro

That’s right Judge Pirro, öüï can only hope that with the New France–Mexique exchange agreement¹, common A Priori knowledge (senses) is not sacrificed for A Posteriori wisdom (Technical proficiency), now Madame Hidalgo, last week we made the mistake of invoking Godwin’s Law to show the absurdity of a Very Part•i•cular situation to an 1901 Association president, so let u.s. explain, before the Editor–in–Chief at the Préfecture de Police à Paris gets all his “slips” in a bunch.:. 1FAE33D2-FE60-4BD0-A9A1-1DFD09ECA991 •|•

About yesterday’s message; the security cameras at the Municipal Showers at Beaubourg will not let me construct any non-deliverable Circumstantial Evidence.

Reference for 1901 Assosiation presidents, and their “uncle tom” Gknomes… you know who you are:

Escatológicamente charlando

Escatológicamente charlando


1. https ://www .eleconomista .com .mx/internacionales/Mexico-y-Francia-firman-seis-acuerdos-para-mejorar-cooperacion-bilateral-20191219-0063.

“El sexto acuerdo firmado fue multilateralismo eficaz“.

Fuentes en El Economista confirman que la La Función Pública no supo quién chingados firmó ese sexto “el tercero después de los TRES primeros firmados“, recalcó la profesora Irma Sandoval, directora del organismo profesionalizado para prevenir conflictos de intereses y, ex colaboradora de un antiguo agitador profesionista y adversario incomodo a los descalabros del antiguo régimen PRIANista, John Mill Ackerman; hoy relegado a portavoz auxiliar (no oficial) en el gobierno del patrón de su esposa Eréndira Ballesteros, encargada de La Secretaría de La Función Pública en el Gobierno (auto proclamado) en una Cuarta Transformación de Mexico, o algo así.

And in New York City, BriWi just went with the Big Bang Theory

In another world E.T. went: Thank You, sir, you are a god-sent in turbulent C.T. Thymes.

"It is What It Is"

“It is What It Is” .:. 0D9AE422-C12B-4AE2-8744-4F015A5389B9 —_•!•_— Ivanka Trump is a “Made guy”. Revenge from an easily Russian re-electable proxi-President of them United States of America follows, after a word from Russias favorite brand of toilette bowl cleaner: PECSI, and if you’ve eaten “Ahoga–Perros” en una obra de « maistros » en Coyoacán, then (motherfuckers) you”ll understand what Trotski was all about, A.M.I.G.O. Pablo Gleason de Viseur y Raphaël Morán de “proceso“.

Mean, while Donald Trump responds to Nancy’s invitation to deliver a cup’o Tea at “the” House, big “ear” in the Sky does the not-so-well hidden ear-piece maneuver over the BERMUDA TRIANGLE. Also, The Rachel Maddow re-run show just got cought up with ROBIN HOOD men in Babushkas on the How Comrade Joseph Stalin invented toilette cleaners show.

What Charan these more

What Charan these more?.:.D88925EB-4665-4055-B3F4-C952B8B93C92

Over on La Rue de Londres “247”, in Coyoacán*, Tank Commander Extraordinaire, and Salma Hayek lover, Leo Trotski is telling the ghost of F.D.R., “see, you stupid crippled F.U.C.K., Eye told you so.

And then D.A.R.E are them goddamned francilliens

And then D.A.R.E are them god-damned francilliens always being so Parisien, Eye tells you.:.1781505A-7D2F-4977-89A0-E93A87E47B32

Anyway, Eddie Murphy, another Tim Apple Cable bit the dust, so EYE guess… öüï might be out of Lord Lorne tomorrow morning; Eye mean we [the staff] have some news porn to get caught-on to, in any case, Eddie Murphy ain’t shit!

Dexter explains why Eddie Murphy ain’t shit, as read by Brian Williams.

Estimada, señora Hidalgo
Alcaldesa de La Ciudad de París

Please stand-by for context, in the voice of Eddie Murphy, —of course. For starters, Felices pascuas decembrinas, gracias por su paciencia con los pelotones y divisiones de esos Amigos que doña Vilma Fuentes identifica ( en buena onda estoy seguro) como “clochardos”, la pobre.