Dear, Catherine Rampell: welcome to the Kat Klub

“.… it leads you here, despite your destinations*”.

It looks appealing as a concept, in reality it’s just the early 20th Century front to a monopoly; it’s really the precursor to 1984’s “Ma’Bell’s” Baby Bell split up; a bunch of little piglets that would be sent to key regions in the Continental U.S., and that after the Clinton Era FCC deregulation mandate would evolve in this our InterWebs modern age, into the phenomenon known as the “Baby Buzzfeeds” of NBC—ain’t that right Cousin Joe? Do say hello to Aunt Bloomberg. Miss you all. Sincerely: El Hijo de la Su’ Giménez —_— THE SPIRIT OF COMMUNICATION IS PUBLIC DOMAIN; and courtesy of: ‘the’ AT&Tee’s

Stick around, our next circus act involves a new take on the human cannonball act, our Big Top correspondent Katy Kur lights the match and sends the clown flying through the air.

Oh La La! … A new season with Katy Kur. Up next, Katy Tur breaks a Hardball.

Will the freak land in Far East Pyongyang, or slide into Táchira in the rain forest of the South?

Le Monde sigue de vacaciones…they are really, really—really, really just mailing it in. —_— Uso justo de todos los medios.

Hey Hallie Jackson, here’s the source:

* Under the Milky Way tonight—The Church.

1. The One and Only… https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /free-lunches-like-the-15-minimum-wage-may-hurt-the-people-theyre-meant-to-help /2017 /08 /07/d55e8476-7bad-11e7-9d08-b79f191668ed_story.html?utm_term=.746cd842b6fe

Hey Hallie Jackson: Context follows.

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