May Day! May Day!… Col. Matthews: VIVA LA RedEd Rebellion!

Arizona, West Verginia… Oklahoma, they know whats up: It’s International Fiesta Day.

“Flip the channel, see what how the other guy is doing it!”, Chris Matthews, host of Hardball with Chris Matthews, on ‘the’ msnbc’s during a recent Washington Journal interview on C-SPAN.

… context on the Washington Hardball Journal, follows.

TimeStamp: 14h15 in Central Europe Time.

Local dance news…  under a Parisian black sky

Moments after our break, a line dance performance between a dozen or so brigades of the CRS (National Police Reserves) and give or take around 1200 “Black Bloc” anti-fascists locally known à la Sorbonne as the « Siamo tutti antifascisti » who staged the time honored production of « we are going to break and destroy everything in our path » (who says the Spirit of Loki and the vikings is not vibrant in–around—and—over the Seine, eh?).

Les black bloc, algo así como hooligans e inchas ultra de la selección de fútbol rusa. Como langostas en Egipto destruyen todo lo que tocan a su paso. Nosotros en el staff hemos observado a través de los seis años que asistimos a la marcha del 1 de mayo, que esta pinche bola de ojetes tiene un odio particular por los hospitales de niños o las asociaciones benevolas como Emmaüs. Para esta edición, el staff decidió no participar—ni cubrir esa fiesta. Para esta edición de esa Fiesta, el Staff decidió mejor tomarse una pinche SIESTA d’esas que son épicas como las que La Pantera Rosa se receta hasta por una duración de 4 HORAS, eh! }-—-~~~\*> Foto es cortesía de Marie Dallomo #FBPE, @Manifou TimeStamp: 1 mai, 2018 — 16h17 CET

Sadly, the “stage performance” of « the line dance » bottlenecked the REAL manifestation (the procession with the labor unions) at the vicinity of the Left Bank on the Bridge of Austerlitz. As of this update we [the staff] are not aware if the CGT (The workers’ union leading the cortège) finally made it to La Place de l’Italie, where the final Bal for the night was to be held.

Well, where should I start… let’s see, let me start by agreeing with you first and then offering an “Opposing Viewpoints” style —Digression… of course, since you (Sir) are never going to read this blog, the staff is going to continue with our stroll far away from the riots and the legit manifestants. }-—-~~~\*> BTW Col. Matthews, since you do have priviledge access to the NBC files: THIS SCREEN GRAB IS A FAIR USE OF ALL MEDIA, even the one that comes out of Mr. Peacock’s feather duster tail, eh!



On Friday, March 13th 2018, we [the staff] noted that there are three bridges in Paris where motorized vehicles are not allowed, and even though Fenster the Copy-editor was not part of the staff yet, he just reminded us that we [the Staff] missed at least another three… we [the staff] forgot to count the most musical of ‘em all, Le Pont de Saint–Louis, La Passerelle Debilly and, La Passerelle—Charenton.

The other three are La Passerelle Simone-de Beauvoir, Le Pont–des–Arts, and the one that connects Thomas Jefferson’s bronze ass with Le Jardin des Tuileries, aka as La Passerelle Léopold Sédar Senghor.

One thing’s for sure, it’s best to correct your mistakes or ommissions on foot and in real time, this correction is probably the most pictoresque that the staff has ever had the pleasure of fixing, if, however we [the staff] missed or ommited another passerelle, let us know, we’d love to take another midnight to sunset stroll to confirm it.


We now return to our regular programming:

Le LibertyClub Prive }-—-~~~\*>. Yeah… interesting call you got there on Sunday morning , Col. Matthews (Sir) from Michael  —in Houston, Texas— at about the 15 minute mark of the Washington Journal, [quote] It seems now with the consolidation of the news media, by a few very Powerful Conglomerates [unquote]… LIBERTY is becoming more and more of a PRIVATE CLUB… [quote] With target marketing introduced and the national audiences (sic) were sliced … [unquote] … Mike, from Houston, was interrupted by the host of The Washington Journal, Mike Scully, “let me stop you right now, you brought up an interesting point,” yada yada yada, Mike’s original thought got derailed.


May Day, COUSIN JOE, is international anti-Corporate Egotism day, so Cousin Joe, please find a bundle of Lily’s of the Valley and place’em on the heels of Atlas outside your bosses door facing Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, eh! because that’s what the Individual States are doing to the teachers when they pay’em Jack–Diddley-squat; the individual states are stepping all over the flowers that are supposed to make the American Experience, a beautiful thing, instead, well instead you’all are heading closer and closer to Richie Tenembaum’s, IDIOCRACY, eh!:


2. The Washington Journal, April, 29th 2018:

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