Breaking the Witt — Maybe Eye is just like Price’s mother

Even when she Wins, she’s still a sore Winner… “To The MOON, Alicia!!!—To The Moon!!!”

I thought the major was a lady Suffragette.

And in Michigan, it appears that Sirens have a very peculiar sound. This can only mean that Cuban balsero, and documentarian Michael Moore lives in the ghetto. Eye swear, man, it’s like them 🚑 are sounding like euphemisms. Eye promise that if Phil Griffin (that basterd!) allows that particular segment of the 20h block in Philippe Labró’s time to upload, öüï will bring, IT! to your speakers.

Check It Out, Jason Johnson

Check It Out, Jason Johnson… watch how Eye is going to land this frame on the other side of your display 🎠 But FO’ist, it’s the most boring TIE on msnbc… yeah Buddy*, Evry body is a fucking comedian on the Michael Nutter’s illegitimate son show. Some 1st Generation Tamaulipeca con ojos de chiapaneca just called your human a pet.

* For those WHO are not on in the loop, Buddy is the chocolate labrador who moonlighted with some Cat named Socks in the burlesque comedy show called This American Life.

After the most boring tie on the msnbc’s, it’s FUTURAMA with “A Head in The Polls”.

The Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nestlé®️, is already looking the other way, a Jazz aficionado, she kind of digs the wails described, but just to make sure that Donald Trump’s personal Four Seasons Landscaping mayordomo is not meddling in with the election count, the district attorney is sending in Wonder Woman to see about them funky sounding sirens.

And as promised, who the hell are you, —and what the hell did you do with Vassoughian?

Deer, A.M. Velshi… “To infamity* and beyond”

Dear, Avi Velshi, now you might not be familiar with the names involved in the firing of public servants WHO go against powerful lobbies and corrupt governments, parallels that would never happen in the U.S. of A.


“Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!” .::. 073266C5-E63B-4169-A6EF-05639AD01A99 👩🏻‍🚀 Intelligence reports from Planet X reveal that the expedition commander “Marvin” has shape-shifted into an earthling form. Space cadets should be on the lookout for the “Trademark” red suit minus the green gladiator helmet and skirt combo. “Marvin[a] may or may not be wearing size 14 basketball footgear.

The following must be read in a “Space Cadet” voice.

Meanwhile at 30 Rock via a remote location, Black Women are trying to beat the T–minus ballot box clock, and the hardest choice on the apparent democratic party candidate’s mind is WHO to pick as his running mate. We the staff propose: Wanda Sykes. It just makes good sense.

Over at El Cabo Cañaveral, the U.S. Space Force “super duper” missile has been postponed until Sunday, which means that Elon’s SpaceX Falcon will have to wait until Monday. In the meantime, The PAYMENT IN FULL for the ordered KILLING of South American dictator, Nicolas Maduro, who moonlights as “president” of La República Bolivariana de Venezuela, is delinquent. The hired killers plan to sue the the hiring party, which transacts from Brazil and Miami as the Hard Right Arepa party.


Subliminal Reality 101
Fair Use of All Media

Corte y Pegue justo de todos los medios con fines educativos .::. 46B81DBF-117C-4931-99A7-F21CA9D94719 📰 With all due respect to Lapoliticaonline . com . mx, we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] are ‘commandeering’ paragraphs 12 and 13 of the online parallel of a Cabinet Level official in the Mexican Government who terminated a lower echelon energy sector regulator WHO went against the wishes of the President of the Mexican United States. The context for the screen graband its purposefollows after a message from our sponsors: THE GOOD PEOPLE who LIVE and wonder IN A pastime paradise.

Paragraph 12: It came and went, faster than a speeding bullet shot on Fifth Avenue in New York City by Donald John Trump. It was only 45 days ago, or so, the house of saud and the regime of vladimir putin rearranged the prices of oil for all, heck! ¡qué digo re acomodó, —La Opep los remató! For a couple of weeks in the month of April, if you had the right connections and the trucks to haul crude oil away from the storage tanks the producers paid you to take it from them, dicho de otra puta manera podrías, —como dicen los huichacoleros haber hecho tu agosto en plena primavera.

🎶It maybe hard to believe, but baby…baby, ohhh baby— you didn’t know Mí when. (17 oct Two Thousand Something).

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