Deer Doe at Cinéma Luminor⁹ you gave Nicolle a warm fuzzy

Hoy no hubo aguacates…

The record at the French Consulate in Hollywood Land (2010) will show … That on my original request for the Sarkozy visa (Bruno’s words at the préfecture’s, —not mine) I wrote that, a lot like the trope of Robin Hood, but unlike other hoods, I actually wear an Arrow on my sleeve…


~. You only have yourselves and José García to blame; now don’t go blaming Netflix™ for letting French Cinéma go to Fréjus-sur-FN, and please, PLEASE, Sophie Marceau! $top pirating Australia’s Arches, aussi.

Mí: Excuse me officer, what is today’s spectacle about?

Negritas in slanted form is translated directly from, the French, off-course.

Glass-framed glasses fellow: The spectacle brings Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp in one Lucha Libre Ring. 🤺

Mí: No shit!, Brad Pitt is hijacking Johnny!

Glass-framed glasses fellow’s wing-femme: (Laughs)… Madame Hidalgo is having a…

Mí: Ah, OK! Madame Hidalgo is having a couch cast call, I swear, that god-damned Paris Tourism Board and their pornographic imagination.

Narrator: Well, can’t say that these two are mutually exclusive…

Live from Bistrot Lagrange… in Arizona, it’s The Circus 🎪.

Money talks and Virgo fucks.

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