Coming up on The Ozarks… Season 2, episode 5

En este capítulo, Cousin Joe meets the neighbors and Mika recognizes an old “Lazy left eye” sorority sister.  Hilarity ensues when the neighbors decide to celebrate Maine’s decision to nominate judge Brett Kavenaugh to the Supreme Court, and extend an invitation to the soon–to–be hitched pundits to a Plague Doctor’s Mask Ball.

TimeStamp: 20 after Two on The White Night of 2018.

La Otra Zara

That fucking GAP, ZARA.

The following is a PSA
when it affects the BoBo’s
… by Sarah Moroz
from the MIMICRY files

Ruka y Xica… uso justo de todas las Sarahs.


Cotejado… Ilusionismo y Encuentro: México Ficticio

TimeStamp: 18h20 with a 16 Beat in Central Siren Time

“… Eventualmente Salvador Dali, quien también visitó México, respaldaría a Breton, advirtiendo que jamás regresaría a este, un país más surreal que sus pinturas.” Según masdemx (punto) com, en: El día que André Breton declaró a México el país más surrealista del mundo or YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

∴ and of course, context follows, Morena de mis…

Breaking the NEWS:
She’s back. Our favorite Ho is back
Our favorite bitter seed–digging FOX News “Hoe” is back.

She’ got a new end of episode send-off:

This hoe doesn’t need a laugh track or ‘aplausos’ everytime that she speaks truth to power… amen for that, but Sarah, if Ewe don’t return my “abuelita’s” bedroom back to our childhood memories, we [the staff] are going to have to throw “the chancla” your way, eh… You can go ahead and keep “el nopal” because you are La Única Tuna that we [the staff] want.

 “Get in the ZONE”… or something like that!
Come on to me.
If you come on to me, will I come on to you?
Heck; i reckon we could get Jimmy Fallon to shimmy around for us at homeplate…
or not.

Frequency hop…

The following must be read in a Clint Eastwood voice dolin’ out protocols and instructions to a guy called Sully, —playing the role of Tom Hanks:

No Country for a Sully… anygüey, Capitán … you know who is ALWAYS HIRING people with big decisive fucking cojones like yours? El Narco, that’s Who: MÉXICO, MAGIA Y ENCUENTRO!

“You feel lucky, punk?”
[perhaps You feel special]
Fuck You because you work in Mejico.
What? Did you expect a Medal?
Call the French. They give those suckers away.

TimeStamp: After midnite.