Öüï now returns to the top of the FO’ist — Deer, Defendente Génolini, “how dare you?”

Must be read in a sort of, kind ah, Swedish teen Voice (you fucking sheeple) on account that Öüï is Knot Sure if youse a Boy or a G’Oil.

Page XV… Napoleón is dead. Long live el sindicato de minas, o algo así:

“Vous êtes trop irritable et il est bien difficile de composer avec vous »…


and then Puebla goes, “chula, pues”.

Over at The Pershing Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, Anne Hidalgo just received a standing ovation from the empty stands.

Time-delayed Instant Ramen Review

Hidalgo’s low-rising curve ball docked on the limited edition aluminum bat* of Georges Méliès’es–ese Louisville Slugger at the CORRECT Angle and sent Michael Collins to the Right Side of the moon, where Commander Collins is now Walking On The Moon.

… [A]nd Loss of Signal: 👁🖤🐑 F4682F53-5179-4A59-8005-C3DB0D143077 🚀
1*). Normally, in soft-speak aluminum bats are the norm, however, Mika Brzezinski… [T]he First 150th Anniversary Softball Tournament at The Pershing Memorial Baseball field à Vincennes offensive operations (innings) were supposed to slugged using specifically turned bats carved from a single Big Would, do keep in mind that for this tournament each of the historical athletes participating at The Plate was issued five bats, and each team was allotted an additional 150 bats for commercial and commemorative purposes, so that’s a lot of Big Would acreage (hectarage around this neck of the woods). Hilarity —if Eye may call IT, D.A.T.) develops when Major League Baseball finds out that Madam Brzezinski (Mika’s mom) had taken all of the Big Woulds (and then some) in order to run a little gallery show in Nantucket, or The Hamptons, or Camp David… the details of the Brzezinski Big Would Extravaganza remain classified.

Now if there are any DANGLING PARTICIPLES, speak now (motherfuckers) or, FOREVER live on pages 11 and 8 of 16 in this Week’s edition en la vecindad de Philippe Labrador, N° 2586.

9 NASTY WO’ids: N° 1… No MANCHES-ter and Top of the Tuesday to you aussi


Not to be outdone by Mayor Bill The Blasio, Mathilda’s former favorite son moved the opening taunt date for La Île-de-France from June the FO’ist to the 19th of Mayo… «  pass the Ketch-up » ,  said Hidalgo.

… [F]rom our continuing saga, ISSY—a picture without context es una vil mamada de menta.

https ://www .20minutes .fr /sport /football/2919815-20201129 –mort-maradona-docteur-leopoldo-luque-inculpe-homicide-involontaire

Literal Transliteration as compared to Café Tacuba’s burned files goes as follows:
Déjate caer
Ya chole, chango, chilango
Que chafa chamba te chutas…

And, Eddie Gloude Junior—Eye did told your time-delayed Easter Egg hunting-ass [Yesterday] via Republican Honcho Michael Steele on Deadline that:

I have a dream
I’ve seen the light
Don’t put it out, and she’s alright
Yeah, she’s my sister

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Happy Bright Monday — Love Spreads from Manchester

Still to come:
Roland Garros walks into a bar…

Hilarity ensues when Teddy Trichinas and Ol’flat Top order a Draft.

Love spreads her arms
Waits there for the nails
I forgive you boy
I will prevail


And Cousin Joe, before we continue on to the bar, AND before you dismiss the theme here, Öüï kindly re-directs you to: 1Pi 3, 4 🏗 and of course, the Church of Saint Sulpice.

Previously on “the bottom of the FO’ist”, Union Boss Honcho and Orthodox Labor crooner, Philippe Martinez, went ahead and wished upon a star for a MAY DAY Celebration like in the ol’Theys… and as yet another FESTIVUS MIRACLE!!! Philippe GOT! And The CGT got it all wrapped up in a pretty little BLACK BLOCK.

Y’a CUNTS*!!!

After Communion is the Death of English (language) and “Nine Nasty Words”, with your host from the Columbia Universe, George Carlin. 

https ://www .msn .com /en-us /news /us /if-you-want-to-know-about-the-nine-nasty-words-theres-a-book-for-that /vi-BB1gjKVx

* By British —not U.S. standards…  you pussies.

Breaking the NEWS!!!

IN WaWa Land, the Brzezinski’s matriarch is the latest Brain-Washed victim of the FRENCH TOUCHÉ virus aka the chain saw wielding Parskeauuu… or something like that.

You know that thing that DEXTER does to Floridians? Well, Emi•lie does to big trees.

Mika is unconsolable. Emilie Benes is now going by the reddit call sign EsKiu (pronounced: Sq… for SeQuoia, on account of Madam Brzezinski’s love of big Woulds.