Happy Bright Monday — Love Spreads from Manchester

Still to come:
Roland Garros walks into a bar…

Hilarity ensues when Teddy Trichinas and Ol’flat Top order a Draft.

Love spreads her arms
Waits there for the nails
I forgive you boy
I will prevail


And Cousin Joe, before we continue on to the bar, AND before you dismiss the theme here, Öüï kindly re-directs you to: 1Pi 3, 4 🏗 and of course, the Church of Saint Sulpice.

Previously on “the bottom of the FO’ist”, Union Boss Honcho and Orthodox Labor crooner, Philippe Martinez, went ahead and wished upon a star for a MAY DAY Celebration like in the ol’Theys… and as yet another FESTIVUS MIRACLE!!! Philippe GOT! And The CGT got it all wrapped up in a pretty little BLACK BLOCK.

Y’a CUNTS*!!!

After Communion is the Death of English (language) and “Nine Nasty Words”, with your host from the Columbia Universe, George Carlin. 

https ://www .msn .com /en-us /news /us /if-you-want-to-know-about-the-nine-nasty-words-theres-a-book-for-that /vi-BB1gjKVx

* By British —not U.S. standards…  you pussies.

Breaking the NEWS!!!

IN WaWa Land, the Brzezinski’s matriarch is the latest Brain-Washed victim of the FRENCH TOUCHÉ virus aka the chain saw wielding Parskeauuu… or something like that.

You know that thing that DEXTER does to Floridians? Well, Emi•lie does to big trees.

Mika is unconsolable. Emilie Benes is now going by the reddit call sign EsKiu (pronounced: Sq… for SeQuoia, on account of Madam Brzezinski’s love of big Woulds.


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