9 NASTY WO’ids: N° 1… No MANCHES-ter and Top of the Tuesday to you aussi


Not to be outdone by Mayor Bill The Blasio, Mathilda’s former favorite son moved the opening taunt date for La Île-de-France from June the FO’ist to the 19th of Mayo… «  pass the Ketch-up » ,  said Hidalgo.

… [F]rom our continuing saga, ISSY—a picture without context es una vil mamada de menta.

https ://www .20minutes .fr /sport /football/2919815-20201129 –mort-maradona-docteur-leopoldo-luque-inculpe-homicide-involontaire

Literal Transliteration as compared to Café Tacuba’s burned files goes as follows:
Déjate caer
Ya chole, chango, chilango
Que chafa chamba te chutas…

And, Eddie Gloude Junior—Eye did told your time-delayed Easter Egg hunting-ass [Yesterday] via Republican Honcho Michael Steele on Deadline that:

I have a dream
I’ve seen the light
Don’t put it out, and she’s alright
Yeah, she’s my sister

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