Happy Bright Monday — Love Spreads from Manchester

Still to come:
Roland Garros walks into a bar…

Hilarity ensues when Teddy Trichinas and Ol’flat Top order a Draft.

Love spreads her arms
Waits there for the nails
I forgive you boy
I will prevail


And Cousin Joe, before we continue on to the bar, AND before you dismiss the theme here, Öüï kindly re-directs you to: 1Pi 3, 4 🏗 and of course, the Church of Saint Sulpice.

Previously on “the bottom of the FO’ist”, Union Boss Honcho and Orthodox Labor crooner, Philippe Martinez, went ahead and wished upon a star for a MAY DAY Celebration like in the ol’Theys… and as yet another FESTIVUS MIRACLE!!! Philippe GOT! And The CGT got it all wrapped up in a pretty little BLACK BLOCK.

Y’a CUNTS*!!!

After Communion is the Death of English (language) and “Nine Nasty Words”, with your host from the Columbia Universe, George Carlin. 

https ://www .msn .com /en-us /news /us /if-you-want-to-know-about-the-nine-nasty-words-theres-a-book-for-that /vi-BB1gjKVx

* By British —not U.S. standards…  you pussies.

Breaking the NEWS!!!

IN WaWa Land, the Brzezinski’s matriarch is the latest Brain-Washed victim of the FRENCH TOUCHÉ virus aka the chain saw wielding Parskeauuu… or something like that.

You know that thing that DEXTER does to Floridians? Well, Emi•lie does to big trees.

Mika is unconsolable. Emilie Benes is now going by the reddit call sign EsKiu (pronounced: Sq… for SeQuoia, on account of Madam Brzezinski’s love of big Woulds.


Previously on, Knock-knock — WHO’s D.A.R.E.

Musical Guest:
The PAPERboys (1997 on The Mountain)

“Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color”, period!


🎶 Sólo son molinos, no te oyen don Quijote… »

Öüï found ITself walking a part of the walls on the BD Saint Germaine-des-Près and it wasn’t until the Fifth time of that stroll that Öüï began to have doubts about his plotted course, and that was because Öüï found himself walking, « como calzón de puta » up and down that dirty boulevard without Luck, searching for “The Tennessee”, one of the few (not many) pretentious American themed bistros in Paris, France (carbon-copy of the many pretentious French bistros in New York, New York).

Anyhow, long History—Shorty, Öüï’s lying eyes were not deceiving ITS def comedy jammed ears, KNOT BY A LONG SHOT_because the American-themed bistro in Saint Germain-Des-Près was as-a-matter of fact, re-branded as, “El Primo”, but in French, —off course.

🎵 So why do you fight, there’s no one in sight…”

https ://www .standard .co .uk /news /world /germany-hungary-vaccine-rollout-early-european-union-b514663 .html

germaine (feminine, mot de 8 lettres)

Comme une cousine.

Money and a passport — To The Moon, Alicia! Tú, the Moon… RISE UP!


Se le dice a un oriundo/a de la germanía.

Still to come, The Revvie Awards… spoiler alert:

Linsey Reiser takes all the awards!!!
And after the show, Michael Nance has no clue.
I am SIRIUS!!!
Lindsey Riser took all of the awards. Police are on the case.
Lindsey: you Stole my heart… wanna play Dulcinea at The Comedy Club?
Ladies in Gemini, Nashville interrupts the 10th Anniversary edition of The Revvie Awards on account of identifying Anthony QUEEN Warner as the guy who blew a recreational vehicle up.

We now Ketch-up with The Rev, and Öüï find Avi Velshi eating a piece of Pi:

This year’s Revvie Edition is coming live from PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila. The good reverend and international Spymaster Avi Velshi selected the location to recognize the Kwanzaa Celebrations there.
Hey, Avi Velshi, are them french cuffs fo’real or are you just happy to see Mí!

1 Pi 3, 4 🏗 90CD64B3-6AFA-4CAA-9D40-A67BA2799D0E 🗿 Joy Anne Reed, Öüï’s gonna go Orthodox on you, Madame… you are going to like the way you look! —_•¡•_— In context, this was my Christmas gift from the good Padre that runs the underground church at Saint Sulpice; it’s Trou! Ask Baby Jésus, i made it to the celebration there, before The Doors closed.  Now before you turn the page on this frame, be advised that even though this branch of Christianity appears to be coming from The East, the contents of this tome were actually delivered in WICHITA (2007), and YesKANSAS goes here, Alicia.

Susan del Percio, you get a pass tonight.

https ://www .linternaute .fr /dictionnaire /fr /definition /germain/