The Known Soldiers — FIP Strike day 3

Dear, SUSANA Puveda, it’s not me, armando segovia/armando serrano prieto who said this, but France 24 confirms it:

Unlike other "Zorro's"

And, i come to warn you, that « Unlike other “Mariachi’s” and “Zorro’s”, Eye can speak with a Mexican Accent¹ », dijo Joaquín Murrieta.:.ISSY, Gael García Bernal (if that is your real name), que chingue a su madre Pablo Neruda, y que viva Víctor Jara.

The French love to put things in ~ Boxes…

bee it Woodstock², Banksy³ and, öüï, —even Mí. So here’s to them « Neuf Graveurs » and let U.$. hope that the ¥emini “Banksy” does not go the Güey thay Freddy Cats (93100) went with the Mexican embassy approved Connection in 2011 -2012.

But speaking of boxes, here’s a Chappell

Las fuentes of a Crusade:



Did you Say LA

Oh–—say can you see? A Coliseo next to a Forum, boy Eye tells Ewe; A funny Thing Happened on the Güey D.A.R.E.


TimeStamp 16h40 CET

TimeStamp 16h40 Central Siren Thymes… “ponme la mano Aquí”, Macorina.:. And for the Record; Mel Brooks is God — Martin Scorsese is, of course, a fag.


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