¿Buen qué? ¡Rostro!!! Si nunca dan la cara

Picasso en Chapingo… The Mapimí Biosphere Reserve is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, look, IT!, Up ∵ “Amarillo no me pongo ».


Fool Mí once… Treat Mí, mean and cruel. ÉVRY they, mister Volody, i live a Groundhog They in this motherfuck called Paris.

Sin embargo, Eye just disembarked from a Yellow Submarine sailing across La Zona del Silencio. Had some peyote antes de cruzar por  Parras (punto y coma) here is a file photo of a jacalito that Öüï stopped at to get some pericos, which is not coca, it’s more like Paris-Run grade amphetamine pills that Jerry Garcia takes before he drives to deliver mister Zimmermann’s sound stage in Durango.


Je vous ai tout dit : Tatiana Clouthier a révélé por qué renunció : ‘una jauría rodea a AMLO’… morena-francia, cuna de lobos.

https : //www.radioformula.com.mx/nacional/2022/10/10/tatiana-clouthier-revela-por-que-renuncio-una-jauria-rodea-amlo-734710.html


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