In DURANGO, Mother’s Day —Willie Geist…

Ma’ is always celebrated on May the 10th… Tuesday, to be exact this year. Anyhow, Willie Geist, CONGRATULATIONS you SonoVabitch! New Jersey is officially feeling like A Rolling STONE!

Évry body must get Stoned… 🌬️🎼

Hemp for Victory, y un soldado en CADA Toque pagó.


…You lucky, Okie… Flesh reporting in reel time.

Paris, France_ Viewers of last night debate might be forgiven if they did not noticed that even after 15 hours from the ringing bell of last night’s political spectacle of the MSNBC’s French Arcs, Kier Simmons didn’t bother to change wardrobe, Kier, Ewe dirty Chucho!… What are you? Assigned to an MSNBC M.A.S.H Unit?

Here’s your correspondence, son… PRÉSIDENT Emmanuel Macron is not a “centrist”, but then again Öüï lives in a zoo where RED is BLUE {and} the political Right is remains the same. Derecha La Flecha.

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