Live from The New York Rib Eye Riviera

Tu mari-nada me sane sabe a hiel, y tu bilis a camembert.

It’s the Belmont Stakes

Viejas FEAS!!! and Labor Rights… pay your taxes.


On the list:

1 La maman

2 La Putain

L’Ike Eye said, “I bet you think this song is about you”, eh?

3 To be continued…

4 People Ridiculed for Their Piety

5 Hundred Year Gwar

6 The Captives

7 TBD³

8 The Judge

Race starts after the mandatory ceremony of the burning of Judas feet.

After the break, how Radio France (FIP .fr) uses African American Music and some fucking doctor (literally, a fucking doctor with a sex addiction) to taunt, torture and bully prison rape victims.

… And, france musique, if you are listening:


Flip N⁰ 9, N⁰ 9, N⁰ 9… That’s a Six, sponsored by THE LETTER ARE ®️

SINCERELY, The Captives!!!!

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