Ladies in Gemini: MasterPEACE Jr.

It’s 2040 and The 46th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, junior, is about to welcome the President of The United States of México, Bernardo Gómez, junior, onto the review stand and the FCC Commissioner, Will Farrel, junior, is ordering cheese for the snapchat.

Freakwhency hopping with

Freakwhency hopping with Gary Sanchez’ mom… Greg TuCuloSeco reports.

Nevermind the Frequency Hops, it’s Derek’s mom wearing tangas on the wire.

Mean, while Donald Trump, senior, is all giddy for the masculinity of a 120mm smooth bore GUN (up his ass) the plot to stop a la naranja mecano from La Victoria en Francia ya estaba muy, pero muy gastada ; and of course, those fucking Canuks were playing second fiddle to a black limousine driver from the Queen’s fleet in Scotland.

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