Friday the 13th — Año de Hidalgo: the shock opera

It’s Weekend Edition, and Ali Vittalli anda por el Quinto Sueño de la vecindad de El Chavo.

No Pun Intended — Luc shut'Er down

No Pun Intended — Luc shut’Er down

Ladies in Gemini, El Quinto Sueño Hotel and Casino is proud to bring you “Lo que el viento se llevó de  Casablanca”… we’ll always have your ‘garten’ your beautiful flower garten. 

We catch the dreamer at Hans Nichols tent, and he just laid, IT!, Down for the Indianapolis Colts (check the drawing), The Shutdown is coming… it’s an American tradition, like the transfer of lease on the peoples house at The White House.


Over at Mars mom’s house, Mars dad throws in a yellow flag for holiday interference insisting that non-native traditions like “the shutdown” must wait for the arrival of Turkey Day first, then hold for Santa y Fe interception for a 99—YARD Touchdown all the way to the Pacific Coast Line, and besides, January is King’s appreciation month, we’ll know soon enough if Gobbler’s Knob is going to be overcast because of the wanna-be king’s shadow, or if by Feb. 2 habrá velas en el calendario.

https ://www .timeanddate .com /holidays /us /groundhog-day

FO’ist Down, REDSKINS!


But speaking of RedSkins how about Öüï TRIangulate the FREQUENCY HOP to our Canadian non-Natives for another edition of Jeopardy:


Category: They WON’T Get Out


“ What are you WORRIED ABOUT, this is 1847, you’ll be able to Sue her »


Like other ““juniors”” in the President Andrés Manuel administration, he is named for a dictator and he ““inherited”” the Syndicate of Mines from his dad.



In Chile they call these 😽 MINAS, and in Mexico CONCHOS knot Conchas.

Ladies in Gemini: MasterPEACE Jr.

It’s 2040 and The 46th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, junior, is about to welcome the President of The United States of México, Bernardo Gómez, junior, onto the review stand and the FCC Commissioner, Will Farrel, junior, is ordering cheese for the snapchat.

Freakwhency hopping with

Freakwhency hopping with Gary Sanchez’ mom… Greg TuCuloSeco reports.

Nevermind the Frequency Hops, it’s Derek’s mom wearing tangas on the wire.

Mean, while Donald Trump, senior, is all giddy for the masculinity of a 120mm smooth bore GUN (up his ass) the plot to stop a la naranja mecano from La Victoria en Francia ya estaba muy, pero muy gastada ; and of course, those fucking Canuks were playing second fiddle to a black limousine driver from the Queen’s fleet in Scotland.

El gran premio de Brazile – NETSCAPE, Doubling Time, and True Lies… TimeStamp: May Day 1994.

… it’s not really your typical Baloney de Boulogne, but it damn sure looks a lot like La Mortadella de Lady Liberty. This X-MAS, don’t miss the political thriller of the season, starring Melania Trump in the re-hash version of the 1971 classic about Pork Politics. This film has not been rated, yet.

Dear Mrs. Robinson, the next time that you get the opportunity to ‘double time’, please relay to Eugene that we [the staff] find it very ammusing to learn that he finally begins “to see the passion from the Left,” or as Colonel Chris Mathews call’em: the Archie Bunker bashing liberals… or something like that! —_—. Coming up after a Cousin Joe segment, an ad paid for —by some guy named TOM…👏👏👏 COUSIN JOE, please feel free to go ahead and use the same power that you invoked and displayed just the other day (during Colonel Chris Matthews, RFK’s book presentation). Just go ahead and relay to Alex to go ahead and “apologize to whomever he needs to apologize” and substitute that political ad [paid for by a guy named TOM] for every Donnie Deutsch segment during the next hour or so.

Friday, November the 3rd, 2017…
🎤 And the beat goes on…

CLAP, CLAP, CLAP; BRAVO, a-la-bio-A-la-Ban—A LA BIN-BON-BAN: TOM, TOM, RA-RA-RA… Encore, Cousin Joe: Encore! … “Play it again, Sam”.

Run! Rabbit run. Dig that hole

El lup-dup latiente de un Corazón,
El tic tock del Tiempo mecanizado,
La matraca de la caja registradora y el ching-ching de la marmaja que en su va y ven van generando mercados y divisas y,
La risa de un desquiciado
que se va mezclando con el sonido de las aspas de un helicóptero
—o mismo—
con El Sonido sofocado de una metralla con cadencia moderada,
Y eso, pues, eso sólo puede significar una cosa:
It’s TIME for a Soundless (Eargasm).

La última vez que un Buen Elemento
—se desdobló—
Ayrton llevaba las de ganar
dando vueltas y vueltas arriba de su bólido en un circuito de Bolonia… Flashback to 1973 is courtesy of Pink Floyd and The Dark Side of The Moon… Stick around, because Ari Melver has some questions for that fucker… ay-ay-ay… there we [the staff] go again… we meant to say: has some questions for that Zuckerberg guy.

Weeks before, back in 1994, an Honorable member of the 27th Club just decided to Leave the Building.

Towns and cities along the Interstate 5 section of The Puget Sound, were still in shock from what the TALKING HEADS described as a shotgun suicide.

Semanas después de aquél impactante día en Seattle, al otro lado del mundo se celebraba un primaveral día de carreras en San Marino; mientras tanto los Franceses (en Chicago) celebraban el 1 de mayo; The Real INTERNATIONAL LABOR DAY,
—y no las chingaderas—
—ni las mamadas—
de Los Llamados “Tailgate Parties” del Labor Day Weekend, patrocinados por monopolios y transnacionales…
—y por supuesto—
Walmart™ .

—Mark— … by-the-güey, back in 1994, was fourteen days fresh of completing his first decade as an X Y Z member of this plane that [we] mortals call: the 3rd Dimension. Who knows what Mark was doing at the time, but in order to put the notion of this thing, called “the” Fabric of Time, in laymans terms, Zuckerberg still had at least two years to finish up his American Apple Pie basic education… —Oh, the humanity— and the irony of his vulgar display of Loyalty to a RUSSIAN (hand-picked) PRIME MINISTER named Dimitri Medeveden, and the shade that —MARK— gave to a U.S. Congressional Hearing… 🎵 And I’m proud to be an american ‘Cus at least I know I’m Free… don’t forget to like US on facebook!

Dear Donald Trump Jr., lovely picture of your kid with a “Trick-or-Treat” basket, you, however, are an entitled silver-spoon “Fortunate Son”… of a Throphy Wife. And by this, I [Armando Segovia] mean that you should —indeed, you Son of a Bitch— teach your kids what Jesus The Christ is said to have preached, and not what those fake ass Duck Dynasty peddle, for “the” Good News… Ya’ Fucken sorry excuse for a gun operator.

Hey, “liddle” Donnie, did you think that I [Armando Segovia] was going to post a picture of you kid, naaaah; it’s been done already.

Say Donny, why don’t you go and fight in your Daddy’s new Wars. Ha’bout that for a change?

Surely, you and that brother of yours, have it in you… don’t-ya? Say that you do, Donnie, say that you do. Please, Silver-Spoon Satirist; say that you have it in you. “This message is paid for by Armando Segovia: Impeach “liddle” Donald Trump’s father from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”


… We are experiencing technical difficulties and rolling black outs… We’ll be right back. TimeStamp: 16h30 on an early Saturday evening post…

Malgre soi, Ari, guess what? Yup, the Sun sank down in front of us [the staff] last night, before we could perform a backup and an update, now Ari, with this being a live operation, often times we run the same risks that your guest, from American Horror Story… What’s his name on the streets? Runs into; es decir, that things may turn into a soup sandwich… hold that thought. … Anyway, please relay to Cousin Joe to send that pretty “liddle” iPhone so that we can double time and avoid further soup sandwiches. … “M. Zuckerberg, qui effectue sa première visite en Russie, a de son côté salué les talents des Russes en matière de programmation.” … Of course he did, of course he saluted the minions at the Russian Farm. Of course he did… in real time and not with a virtual reality element like he did with Puerto Rico. … “Il a expliqué être venu “car il y a ici de formidables programmeurs des applications de réseaux sociaux, de merveilleux programmeurs et pas seulement de Facebook”, dans des propos traduits en russe.” … No sir, not just for facebook, but also for Russian intelligence cyber war rooms. … “… and now you know, the rest of the story”. Paul Harvey; “Good day.” TimeStamp: 17h30 CET on a early Saturday evening post; 2 de noviembre 2017.

Here’s a list of bookface “likes”

1. Energía de la nueva consciencia (entrevista) con el Dr. Jean Pierre Garnier Malet, especializado en física hidráulica; “La Ciencia del Desdoblamiento del Tiempo Al Servicio del Hombre.” Vía: 🇦🇷… https :// youtube .com /watch?v=8HH0POgycbo

2 The good people at Peacock Central still mourn the passing of Circus promoter, and Wu-Tang Clan sticker aficionado John Heilemann. The ex host of “With All Due Respect” suffered a Sheer Heart Attack after learning last week that his wingman Mark Halperin could not make it to Mika Brzinzki’s “Know Your Value” forum. Mr. Heilemann is survived by Mark Mckinnon, Willie Geist and of course, Chuck Todd. Via: the mojo of Cousin Joe on his morejo show on msnbc: https :// youtube .com /watch?v=ntj9q3hwbh0

3 Melber to Mark Zuckerberg… Via: https ://youtube .com /watch?v=vRNMsmhS7zE

4 Melber to “liddle” Donald Trump Jr… Via: West–France; https://www .ouest-france .fr /monde/etats-unis/halloween-la-lecon-de-politique-de-donald-trump-jr-sa-fille-irrite-twitter-5352062

5 facebook par AFP: http ://www .cnewsmatin .fr /technologie/2012-10-01/mark-zuckerberg-rencontre-dmitri-medvedev-145870  •—_—•. The things that happen when the School curriculum lacks a Civics block set of hours in the school calendar year… Go Ahead Alex at Control Room A3, make an AnAgRaM of that! Here’s a hint: it ryhmes with Socialism. • Joy Reed, please join us in the AnAgRaM game; “for a Dollar, albeit a Canadian Dollar: find an obscure word for Collective Compromise! • Chuck Todd, Chuckyyy… is msnbc ready to take back The Republic? Goooooooo DODGERS, there’s always next season.