Fake Schadenfreude – Huele a tierra mojada

Houston, we said, ALIEN!!! Not ALLEN. ISSY, we have a problem, period!

On our next Capitulation…Öüï touch base with that pink-oh, commie fictional daughter, in the Mex-mas Classic: This Bud’s for Ewe.


I don’t drink coffee, I drink Tea, my Deer.

Jed Clampett III

“I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien…”
Sting, from Immigrant in New York, the musical.

Jump to Mañana.


And, Juanito Leguizamo, never mind the refinery fire, it’s not “news worthy”. It’s on the Shell side of the Park, let’s just hope that Sheriff Gordon Sullivan, don’t pin the spark on the Mexican neighbors who started the Cinco de Mayo weekend well ahead of The Return of The King to Guadalajara.

Fake Schadenfreude in Deer Park, U.S.A..


🛴 See you in Chicago … In the mean time this is, Last Week to They.

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