Page 6 from La Croix… on the Twilight Zone

Over at a random avenue… Groot’s cousin was helping the elephant get through a screening process.

Page 6, Nº 41972* Enjoy the macarons and file that Occupational Illness claim under, “your cancer illness must be on its terminal stage in order to qualify at a 100% of benefits”. For context, The French Version of a President Biden jingle (for the Vatican), La Croix, alleges that the greatest healthcare system in the Hexagone is playing CATCH-22 with its heros.

And if you read this link, well then never mind the dates because page 6 of N° 41972* is only an update from a previous daisy-chain of archives where the Vatican’s editorial lobby [yes, it’s a thing] whisper news articles to Le Élysée (punto y coma) por ejemplo, Rachel Maddow, the September 2020 date on the above mentioned Emmanuelle Réju news article is just a bead on the Rosary to remind Mr. Macron, that he had made a promised to streamline the ridiculously “absurd gravity criteria” of decrees set by the French government before someone even qualifies to make a claim, let alone receive benefits.

To put it in LAYMANS (literally) like lay on the fucking ground terms, here in France, if someone (like say, a base-head) ATTEMPTS to burn a 100% synthetic pop-up tent, with say, a camping enthusiast wrapped up in a cozy 100 % synthetic fart sac and sleeping inside of said abode, the police report will TRY AT ALL COSTS to file the report as “Damage to property” without ever mentioning on that particular police report header about the possibility of some “mec” burning, asphyxiating, or just being “aggravated” by some kind of 3rd degree burn.

https ://www .la-croix .com /Economie /difficile-reconnaissance-Covid-19-maladie-professionnelle-2020-09-10-1201113219

… and in Washington, puff! There is no such thing as a color purple, and if you see purple your brain is lying to you, and never mind that French nurse “left behind” on the rearview mirror because that’s « professional illness », or something like that without a prescribed oxygen tank.

https ://www .grantsonnex .com /why-purple-doesnt-exist/

French Ice Skaters are going the way of les nippones-es-ese. Aunque usted, no lo crea.

Purple is a kind of ungreen


PepsiCo’s Donald Kendall scores another one for Randolph Scott

🗣 Extra! Extra!

• Ingenuity helicopters a Red section of Helios territory

Bobby Beasley takes pole at The 150th R.A.T.P.* Wacky Poetry Race á la Île-de-France.

— To celebrate the occasion el restaurant-bar “El Olimpo“ de La Colonia ROMA was awarded the contract to slice the carpaccio out of the elephants and other assorted exotic beasts from the Municipal Zoo à Vincennes. Celebrity A-list for this gala includes Mario Vargas Llosa,  Enrique Peña  Nieto, a Su Majestad El Rey [de España] y, por supuesto al papá de Luís Miguel.

[Illustration of thinly sliced Elephant from the Vincennes Municipal Zoo]

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The choice of the new generation… Coke is for wetbacks, y la budWAYser pa’braceros. .:. A quick programming note: NON-readers of this blog are reminded that the month of April 2021 will allot a portion of its space to Last Month’s news To They as part of Spring clean-up and maintenance.

• Not to be outmoxied by NIKE, La Pecsi (a PepsiCo subsidiary in the Golden Triangle in México) lands deal on Red Hot Issue involving aliens.

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Bianca se Salvó, because Inka ran out of tinta, and so Nic, Nic had to drop a letter from his jolly good name.

In the mean time, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s 10 pm — at the Police Commissariat near Alesia (75014) the time there is already Tuesday (punto y coma) meet us over at Page 6 of last month’s La Crise de La Croix du Covid–19 of N° 41972 de LA CROIX.

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