Previously on The Havana Syndrome… Just-in-Time Fury for Versailles, via la “13e Lettre” de Le Monde

Happy 78th  Birthday to Mike Barnicle, that motherfucker, he makes Willliam Shatner (Capt. Kirk, 90) look like a 49’er…

Anyhow, before we switch, IT!, over to Le M del Mundo de Le Monde, Öüï is going to see WHAT in THE FUCK Cerf-panthère is talking about APRES MIDI in her 20minutes slot:

Nouveau signe, le cerf-panthère devient le SERPENT de terre.

Cerf-panthère PAS AVANT MIDI

Columbus genocide They eve

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N° 3667
20 minutes (Grand Paris)

Lunes 11 de octubre 2021

L’inhumation de Colbert…
Only the LEGS of the Slave Trader are stored inside of the burial shrine of the man WHO MADE FRANCE GREAT back then… All Those Years ago. And BENEVOLE PHARMACIST, ‘member how I told you that I don’t select the news of the THEY and about how EYE only threads the needle on this French Quilt?
Well, if you ever research what CAR TALK on the ARCHIVES of National Public Radio in Washington, D.C., then you will probably be able to attach a patch for HAPPY DAYS (TV Series) and American Graffiti (The Movie), Ron Howard was the STAR in both, anyhow the BLACK PLYMOUTH on Le M Mag is CHRONOLOGICALLY ACURATE with what the fictional characters in American Graffiti would drive in the 1970’s, the HOT RODS in American Graffiti BTW are set in CENTRAL CALIFORNIA in the 1950’s right before the INDOCHINA leftovers from VIETNAM, so Öüï reckons that by the TIME that President Nixon was on the SCENE the Conservative faction of RONALD REAGAN was driving UNMARKED Vehicles like the one representing Jean-Baptiste Colbert’s final resting place at the Church of Saint Eustache in Paris, a un lado de La pinche Westfield Mall.

DEER Cerf-panthère je suis comme Thomas, voir c’est croire, manifeste-toi, je ne crois pas un seul iota de cette Magdalena y menos del pinche CHUY.


Cerf-panthère PAS AVANT MIDI

Message au conducteur de train « perturbé » par une question, qui nous a contactés lundi : oui, le cerf-panthère existe. Ouvrez l’œil.

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N° 3668
20 minutes (Grand Paris)

Miércoles 13 de octubre 2021

And, Melle. Pitch (ad award) meet The Benevolent Pharmacist changing the world one Carrot at a time, and Melle. Pitch, i know that you probably think that i am talking about golden Karats here (punto y coma) why with you being from the Madison Avenue Doctrine world at L’avenue Montaigne (part of the Paris Golden Triangle) and Mí, that handsome dude, always playing with the double-triple… an dare Eye say, Fourth meaning beyond the War of The WORDS, your staff probably thinks that them Carrots are some sort of Golden Parachute, but no, like the “better tomato” envisioned by Van Halen in Cabo San Lucas, sometimes a carrot is just a carrot and a Tomato will always be KETCH-up!

And as, IT! Happens… i’m with Prof. Gloude Jr. on this one: Two Things Can Be True At The Same Time. And if PHARMACIES in San Francisco are closing at 17h because people are stealing tooth paste from the Anti-Dentite section of the drug dispensaires, then SAN FRANCISCO should stop passing out the Candy. It’s TROU!!! Por Ejemplo, Denis Soula:

You can play “Dueling Banjos” and Deliver Support for RAPE and, —Murder… check the log… go ahead play the guy holding the CAT who looks like the perp in the POLICE report. C’mon Denis, stoke the fire, see Mí light Your fire! You son of a bitch.

We begin The Ascension in Washington… where else, eh?

And, Willie Geist, you SumBitch:

It’s The 11th Hour, y’all can take your Masks Off.

With regards to the new actors in the war on V

The Mexican Embassy emailed the Unesco, the Unesco issued an alert and then the GAS PIPELINE WAS SHUT. Buzzfeed answered and the rest was chicanery*.

* … [A]nd of course you know that the parallel here, Mr. Labró, by my count anyway—dates back to the time that you started that Company, the one that delivered desks to the Future Doh-K’tors in Malawi, or some exotic place like that.

Randy Whiteness Tour, starring REGINALD DENNY direct from the L.A. Riots in 1992. On the bill, scene 4 where the violence in the Holy Hollywood Strip spills from State actors and onto the Masses, the MASS above ⬆️ Mimics  THE BALLAD OF “The L.A. FOUR” on the corner of FLORENCE and NORMANDY. Note to editors: Loss of Signal and Lack of Sleep is in full-effect.

And remember Willie Geist: Loki is the god of? Anyone… JERUSALEM, Loki is the god of? Anyone?

¡Oye, Che!… este es un intermedio disfrazado de Stand-up

Mayo 10, 2018

Issy, dicen los que saben d’eso, que el Quinto mes del año —en México— es el mes mariano.  El mes dedicado a La Virgen, y en México, Che (el de Argentina, no el Che de SNL*) coincide que hoy, Diez de mayo y día de la madre, se cruzó con el Día de La Ascensión (…no confundir con el Día de la Asunción, porque eso es otro rollo).

The codeno confundir con “el codo”, porque en Monterrey, Nuevo León —casi esquina con “Perros Bravos”— ese estereotipo, ¡es otro cotorreo, Raza! }-—-~~~\*>  … binary art from a tunnel somewhere in Paris is courtesy of an anonymous artist; foto on the other hand es por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018 – CopyLeft! 

* Saturday Night Live

Anygüey, Che, siendo que ahorita en nuestro viaje sideral tuvimos la oportunidad de chacotear’ con unos « boludos » (fans del River Plate) de Argentina, pues, el staff se enteró de que los gauchos celebran la concha de su madre durante el último tercio del décimo mes del calendario Gregoriano, es decir: durante el mes de la brujas… de ahí, camarada Blas que comenzamos a entender de dónde les nace a los argentinos esa peculiar manera de dirigirse al resto de los mortales que rodean sus fronteras, o cruzan con tez color de bronce por su ruta acolchonada del color de un Spumante de Italia… por lo menos los chilenos tienen el perdón de los dioses a razón de que la bestia sudamericana de Henry Kissinger (Pinochet) les borró la memoria a los que hoy se sienten dignos de una invitación a la próxima boda del hijo de una princesa divorciada cuya alma se quedó atrapada, PRECISAMENTE en el túnel d’Alma, casi esquina con La Flama de la Libertad y La Avenida de Babilonia… perdón la Avenida de New York—en París.

Anyhoot, let this lesson in stereotypes be a segue to the continuing account of the lineage of the Trump’s in power, which brings us back to the Isle of Aeaea, abode of Circe daughter of Helios and Perse; o Perseis en espagnol, una OCÉANIDE who happens to be the goddess of MAGIC—CROSSROADS—GHOSTS__and… necromancy.

But before we move on, the staff here is wondering if the none–readers of this most inconsequential blog ever heard of the wife of an Ol’ Titan, called Rea? She’s the one that spawned Hades, Poseidon, and of course Jupiter… aka: ZEUS, whom John McClane, in the “Die Hard” film series confuses Samuel L. Jackson with some guy named ‘heySuS’, aka: The SuperStar who, coincidentally died 40 days ago and on a day like today but in 33 C.E. rose to Central Park.

Anygüey, Gustavo, REA was the first mother celebrated by the mortals here on planet Earth… donc, para los que la tengan: Feliz día de las Madres.