In local news… hoy no hubo Jazz

Nothing follows… hoy no hubo Jazz, no insistan.

and eye will tell you why

El mundo de Le Monde .:. 9BA3A18B-1E4C-40AB-9F4E-33F23F72ABB2 “And I’ll tell you why!”

The fip programmers are jerkin-off.., or something like that. In other words, Denis Soula, o Zula… or something like D.A.T. called the show in.

Like warm gazpacho, a fucking TV dinner in copla. Good Night!… [T]his has been your telenovela en Notre Dame TV. Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Televisa presenta

Televisa presenta .:. 8A33A45E-8690-41A2-A060-F9BA5383073F .:. FAKE EDUCATORS after school special. 📺 Watch and Learn how “the pro’s” tell their HisTory.

… anyway, Hoy no hubo Jazz, maybe tomorrow, Charlie Brown. But not if it’s Miami Sweat shop Sound Machine… FANIA!!! Moore FANIA, please.

Australia is the enemy

Australia is the enemy

Gaddamned “Princess Bride” musical score* is worst than any Eddy Currets attack! Heck, One million times worst. IN•DEED.

Siren, the new owners of Les Halles have better elevator music… kill Mí Now!

This has BEAN, your TELENOVELA de los fips.

FUR get It! Sista. I’m going to South America.

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