Y tu mamá también, set in Memphis

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Ibid. c.2017. But with a different name: Olympiades

Mary and Paul’s relationship was over a long time ago. The sad thing was that they were both together because both of them were sick… [one had a troubled heart and the other had this consuming loneliness, or something like that].

Guillermo Arriaga
21 Grams
[paraphrased summary]

Please stand-by for context… or not, it doesn’t matter anymore. Long story short, the troubled heart got fixed with Money and the consuming loneliness was actually pretty fucking awesome, until the Father of The Bride section of the wedding scene. That part of the play was by-invitation only and that is where i heard the Last Song that i was expecting to hear on the skirts of the Alpes Maritimes overlooking Nice, y sí, it was TRACK 13 for the soundtrack of, “Y Tu Mamá También”, Mateo García; aunque usted—no lo crea.

Track 13 “The Wedding Song” 🧶 345FE29F-4DE1-4C72-B1CB-E50DED47988A 🎶 If you are a non-reader of this blog you might have missed the beat that i kept for a brief while in the form of my weekend mornings interludes with Perrine, Lindsey and Ashley (from Ashley’s World… or something like that) and i do declare that among the unsolicited affection dispersed in a whole bunch of arcs and twists, and weather reports on that section of the blog, them weekend intermezzos are among my favorites in this rag that i call a blog.

Sin embargo, muchachas, and to continue with the above written cutline ⤴️, tactical challenges and logistical disturbances have (as expected) obliterated my defenses, and so for that matter don’t–keep–on ignoring the fact that the triangulation behind the Technicolor block was not about you. 

The hypothenuse of them coordinates will always and forever be* about establishing a key character in my ten-year permanence in France. And it is nothing personal.

* or for as long as there is a Fifth French Republic.

It is not, i repeat, it is not about judging the character in the scene, as Alejandro Cuarón (or is it Alfonso González?) stated on chapter 7 of The Faber Book of Mexican Cinema. It is not, i re-type, it-is-not-personal. And, as Mr. Iñárritu stated in that particular section of the book, and i am paraphrasing here, ‘you have to read from whose point of the script the context is coming from‘, and in this particular case the context is coming from Bruno, the supervisor of Stephanie Menou at one of the dépôt sections of the Paris Prefecture, and that is because that public fonctionnaire received an e-mail from a former partner of this blog, a medical doctor who scolded (Bruno) the government employee for telling me, at the time when he removed my first 3-year residence permit card from my hand and then proceeded to tell me that “i had no rights in France.” There is more context to that incident, but you have to look it up since that particular page has turned.

And that, my sweet Saturday/Sunday morning car-tunes is the reason why BFM’er TV’s transmission hub is in the picture, because i used to live on the other end of the street named after that Rebel-rouser at The Paris Commune, but for some reason i can’t remember the compete name of Jeannine-Elaine-Garreau.

Right now, however, i have to do like las ruedas–que rápido ​ruedan, and catch Metro line 3 to Levallois; where this whole homeless experience began… ah, the memories, “it’s like starting over” again Madam Hidalgo, because four years ago today, American pundits were begging the French electorate not to elect Marine Le Pen, and lo and behold, isn’t that fear what Nancy (FR) was all about?

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🐉 Ya las locutoras? 🎶 Lo saben — Lo saben

Que•Tzal•Coatl  📯🎺🎺🎺 Que•Tzal•Coatl 🎹🎹🎹

Eye want a bucket of Pundits!!!

Los Que’stan Wachando? .:. 0576F25A-F35C-4800-9CEE-4601FC42A474 .:. 🎤🎵 Lo Saben — Lo Saben…

… [S]o, yeah… if youse into the whole Bernal Díaz del Gael, del Tal Luna de San Diego, y Xavier López Chavelo, scene, then you know that El Gobierno de La Insula de Jupiter en Hidalgo pospuso la apertura de la nueva adquisición de Un “conocido” Museo en París, —por un Shopping Mall.

Any how, Simple Sirens, are you bitches BREWING while i’m smoking? Because if you are Knot, then youse LATE for Last Week To They.

Turn Mí On Deadman

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We begin at a crosswalk in NYC, where the ghost of the original Silver Hamburg Beatle is pranking unsuspecting tourists. The “cute one” was spotted shape-shifting into a Millionaire Shimmy Dancing former Fab Four.

— En mi rancho las llaman “chirrioneros

[First the cutline, then the illegitimate son of Moctezuma… the bald eagle, off-course]… for the record yo no soy condor, yo sor aura]

Instant Replay:
Republican “honcho” Richard Steele (that motherfucker) wires a Slider to Olga at the Plate; CORDERO swings (just like in the 1960’s) and…
“Rights are not going to be consulted, criminal types are going to be established (…) Rights are not debatable, they are in the Constitution, in the international conventions. What is going to be discussed are the criminal types, the criminal typology and the criminalization or not of a conduct”, and pops a FlyBall to Center Field where 🖼’s95 is on Dial-Up… Modem connects, Gates throws a CANNONBALL to the Plate where … Jeniffer López is playing the Role of Yogi The Bear-ah.

https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /nacional /los-derechos-no-se-consultan-sanchez-cordero

UNA SERPIENTE CON PLUMAS Una garza de cabeza negra fue fotografiada en una situación sorprendente, con una serpiente enrollada en el pico cerca de Pretoria, Sudáfrica. El reptil, una especie de serpiente de agua, luchaba por escapar de su agresor. En vano. Este pájaro es un excelente cazador, que ataca a su presa en aguas poco profundas, atravesándola con su imponente pico.