Now about that letter from Rennes — Ozzy… “remember the Alamo?”

In•deed, Godfather, indeed:

… [N]ow, now, Ashley, are you compensating for a lost Plant? Wait, scratch that… Öüï didn’t notice Shrubbie, there was another Palmer framing Shrubie out. Sorry ’bout D.A.T. Ashley Parker, carry on.

Tune in to France INFO 105.5 FM in Paris all They (Wednesday CET/Tuesday Hilo, Hawaï*) to find out about la mafia Calabraise and the link to il Padrino, knot “The Godfather” of your soul... Note to editors: you won't hear the following on any French Frequency, except for the RATP intercom system: Lines 3, B, and D stopped on their tracks at Châtelet on account of a dearly departed fellow who chose the “fast track” to the next stage.

Meanwhile, at the Katy Tur Show… it’s Chínguele, Vero, there’s a breach going on. And still to arrive… it’s Eye feels like Eleanor Rigby without a Church to waste my life in (punto y coma) in sports, the “us” just got a brand new National Sport, read about it, talk about it then hold your tears, this is no time for crocodile cataracts. And if you are current on your MADRINAS, then you know that in Acapulco, “this is no time for Siesta”… [C]híinguele, m’ija because Ted Cruz is going to do a “Mexican rodeo†” and you, of all Pa’Señas, Representative Castro, should know by now that en los Lienzos Charros no hay “payasos” like on that “8-seconds ride”.

📎 Makes no diffrence
If it’s sweet or it’s hot
(Cuando calienta el Sol… up next)
Give it all that rhythm that you got

One thing, Vero, and Peter Baker can field this, but…

people WHO know, know that Red goes well on Deadline, and Eye noticed that U.S. Representative Madeleine Dean has the same taste in saddles for her pod/capsule, and she’s from Pennsylvania! What a Meanstreak, how about la chance, eh‽

Witt that in mind, do say hello to Alexandro and his biAmerican flag at ‘el bordo’, ¡pero Vero! ¡Veronica, con una chingada!!! You are cancelling out your message, and here’s why:

You’ve got to use Your Fucking imagination (punto y coma) i am Sy Rius, congresswoman. And here is why:

Fullfrontal disclosure: i know that it is Way Too Early at 11 o’Clock in CET, but “Messrs. K and H. assure the public, [T]heir production will be second to none… [A]nd of course Donnie’s pony* dances the waltz », period!

You should not, Madame Representative, Eye Says Again, you should knot—admonish the opposition for their tenacity and for using whatever works to reach the purpose; that’s the equivalent of Hillary calling the Michigan militiadeplorables”.

… WTF, Nicole, is that a pod? Oh, the technology.

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