Still to come, Ancient Mikas and the Aliens who love’em

C’mon now, it’s ok-Katty, jump in on the Band-WaWa Wagon. What’s next Cousin Joe… Porn for Floribama Jones?

After the 14h Re-hash… the Poles are talking.

Poland pays homage to Elena Poniatowska and Ancient Aliens go, meh…kzikans?

ATLAS shrugged, but still, Saturn continued with his task. Olympuss and his band of privileged kin had defeated the The Tennessee Titans… bunch of fags. Both the Titans and the lower-case “G” odds.

Any hoot, “Oh, captain my Captain” yo no soy marinero an’D.A.T. kneads know Quotes only “una poca de Gracia y’otra Cosita” — Ay, Europa 🇪🇺, remember — d’Ewe remember when it was Ewe they wanted to evict — yo no soy marinero, ni tampoco Capitán. Ay, arriba y arriba.

*Pronounced: Ey•Belle or Ey-Bol, o como dicen “allá en el Rancho Grande” o en El Fondo Monetario Internacional “able” (pun-to y coma) as in Cain did nothing wrong, all he did was his thing (hunt) and his LAZY fair skin brother was ABLE to fuck him out of his land. Check the scriptures, it’s all in there.

En Veracruz, a Polish princess is about to dance La Bamba like the Filipinos have never seen it, let alone heard before. Es el mes de mayo, and that means that for the ‘gringos’ it’s Mexican Independence They. Nothing can change that, they have the Dollars, or the Euros, sometimes the motherfuckers feel Japanese and they pay with the Japan-ease Why.

Note to Filipinos: Legalese clauses and the Navigation of His-story forces us, ese, to inform Lou Diamond Phillips that it checks out, and that his role as Ricardo Valenzuela is within the range of tolerance to fill an ethnic role at The Golden Globes on account that ALL FILIPINOS are part of the ACAPULCO—MANILA galleons (https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Manila_galleon) which is why The Philippines cannot, Öüï repeats, CANNOT be part of the AAPI Celebrations in WaWa Land (on Deadline).


The East LA Delegation Claims The Philippines as their own…

HEAR Ye! Hear Ye! A congressional organized grab-ass session found that were it KNOT for the Filipinos on the above mentioned Acapulco-Pineapple Route, LOS LOBOS would probably wear faggety cowboy shirts, instead of the Trademark GUAYABERAS on stage.

With that in mind, please don’t forget to factor-in the political Weight, Simbolismo, and the influence of Chucho Salinas en “Adios Guayabera Mia”.

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