Ahora en Castellano, porque yo no hablo Español

And, Peter Baker, although i’ve never been to Spain (only Cataluña and the Basque provinces), i do know that i once asked you on your way back from Biarritz to give my regards to Brian Williams and [today] i can relay that:

Intimidating Intifada might follow

In local news The Vatican at Aix-En-Provance is scrambling to accommodate the laic at Saint-Eustache on account of the Vatican in Rome.

And Michael Lewis, premonition as a tool is for fags… and here is why: because like the tale of Las Deux Toritas, el pedo d’estas dos rucas (Rep. Liz Cheney y Evelyn Salgado) es diametralmente opuesto (⏳) except for one intelligent design feature that them cunts share.

Over at SciencesPo, the institution instituted a new dean, the clergy there voted on following a different road to Rome and installed a Liberal Arts priestess from the History wing[nuts].

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News of the shifting cadre at SciencesPolíta Central reached the City of Acapulco just as “la torita” was on the way to the Teatty Twister lounge to get milked for the day.

File photo for educational purposes… Fair use of all media is in effect .:. 6DDDE240-93F6-4957-9833-6BBC65FDBCE9 🐮 “Exclamation Points”, “Rear View Mirror”and now « Torita », Evelin was a shoe-in for nicknames and other assorted aliases. This is a photo of « La  Torita » sowing her oaths with fellow university students from La Sorbonne at an outing in Normandy. At the time, AND-Brian Williams–couldn’t write this shit up even if a Texas-style Barbecue Brisket was on the pot… and you know what, without any sort of premonition but with a lot of shoe leather reporting EYE DID TELL YOU THAT IT WAS NO TIME FOR SIESTA. But you fuckers were way to infatuated with Dr. John Mill Ackerman (Ph.D.) at the Basque House in Saint-Ouen, or with Pablo Gleason y su “cinito mexicano”.

Stop the presses, Philippe Labro got a TV Show!!! Holy Shit!!! And tonight Philippe Labro interviews POTUS 46.

File photo of Mr. Labró follows… in the mean time:

Eye am Sirius… watch this pace.

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