Producciones Bandera Fruncida y Trapo Rajado


Joe Scarborough en Barrera de Sol… that fucker’s sun burnt!

Time now, 15 hours ago

But, FO’ist: Eye told you BRONTIS à la Préfecture, don’t Fuck with the Legacy Code, this is 2014, Ewe frogs can’t think outside of the future.

… a little context for the uninitiated. A couple of seasons ago, before the Chinese government got drunk on CORONAS and then hid the hangover until it could no longer contain it and pucked it out into the World (ask Dracula here) Mika went all « rando » and mounted a Tanzanian, 🌋  volcano.

This year, after an agreed smoke break, Mika went back to The Boys room and Cousin Joe (that son of a bitch!) starred as a prop to Orson Wells description of “la corrida”.

In this segment, ladies in Gemini, Cousin Joe plays the role of an American tourist in Spain.

This is, The Sun Also Rises… in Tijuana, —Ask Mel Gibson. It’s Another Tequila Sunrise 🦅

Sun Protection Factor

Carpetbaggin’ pundit infiltrates the espontaneos, but Eye swears, “that he’s never been to Spain”.

Ron Stadt’s Tapas y Relajo—Toro.

En colaboración con Denis Soula y el sobrino del amigo del tío del hermano de Javier, !maja! 💃🏻

Starring, La Chuleta de Tijuana y La Maldita del Lienzo Charro en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua—backyard— y Ken Salazar 🤠.

Soundtrack available at Cascade Street and Pere Lachaise Nº 20 en Potre des Lilas, Paris,


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