Ewe got it… yo no busco, —encuentro.

No Zodiac needed, unless you are part of The Paris Tourism Board, who lack the imagination, but those motherfuckers are, SURVEY SAYS: full of Ideas.

Donnie Deutsch ancestors bought Manhattan for $24 U.S. Dollars and a fluffy beaver 🦫… and in Paris, Third barrio, the Mexicans brought marbles to buy Paname, the event takes place on the eve of the First Venetian Spaniard en Yucatán… bomba.

Closed for set up.


…  por ejemplo, mister Secy. of Transportation, I could literally see MÉXICO from the Picasso Museum’s back door.

But seriously Volks… does anybody remember land lines?

Baby, you can drive my car 🚗… yes I’m gonna be a star.

Big enough to fit all circus clowns… Shriners are of course, fags Aussie (therefore) …

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