We find La Bruja with… Domingo, Pavarotti… ?

Pathfinder: 8  ⬆️… pronounced like Ewe “chow down”.

“Pa’ variar un poco… Tóquenme la misma, esa que me llega, hasta el 🖤 ”

Peso Pluma 🪶 en la voz de Valente Fierro.


$ardinas* €uropeas, morralla {¢} para los sardos 🪖. Viva 🦁Alain Rouquié 🦊, at Relaciones Exteriores, ellos si saben ser can-$i-hieres.

It’s only misinformation if you remember to forget history.


Kilroy Was Here

Just the facts-Ma’am!


No! La Bruja Is not with Plácido nor is she with Luciano, instead Öüï finds La Bruja with Carreras outside of Dodger Stadium at a School for GO’ills bathroom, Issy, La Bruja Is Smoking, hot. Bitch was hitting home runs from the parking lot, Rev. Al.

And… That Other Guy.



And, detrás de la sierra 🪚 there is a bloody 🇸🇦Crowned Prince with all the Cracks. Except for one, Cousin Joe, except for one (for now) and his name is  Lionel 🇦🇷.


And, Katty Kay… just like I told my friend YaYa yesterday (no alliteration intended) i don’t select the themes, nor the news, and Eye sure cannot change one single fabric in History, in time, sure, Eye do it all the time, but history is etched in Stardust.

And, Cousin Joe, please ask your brother-in-law in Poland (that Kurva munch-motherfucker) to check my file… because this is not the first time that I’ve occupied (no pun intended) a former NAZI building, ask SULLIVAN at Franklin’s Village in Mannheim, the entrance there is where General Patton was dispatched.

Entonces, Roger 🇵🇪 Pérez…

I last left the Schiltz project bailando “El Jarabe Tapatío” with Napoléon in Rag, si mal no te recuerdo, esa era la palabra del Día en la bendita rae .es, la de hoy es neuroesqueleto m. Anat. ; aquí abajo I follow the BACKBONE of “My incompetence” but not before adding the footnotes to this part of Marie-Ange Schiltz essay of la rue where every Nazi during the occupation came down to send their Telegraphs, or other assorted forms of telecommunications while occupying La France. For some reason that I cannot remember, nor find on the scroll, the footnotes did not make it for the May 22nd edition of my Schiltz adaptation.

It’s a curse, indeed… Those fucking Camel Toes… No wait Camelots, not camel toes. Fucking Kennedy’s, Rose 🌹, what did JOE do for prohibition to deserve you leprechaun motherfuckers 🍀?

My incompetence.
1~. Standard date format.
2~. Compared to la rue de Belleville or Menilmontant, the Saint-Michel Blvd. is rather flat, which is why I prefer not to use the verbal expression: go back up.
3~. Since we are touching on FUNK, why not use the street vernacular to describe a place called home.
4~. This is what you get for using LATIN to describe SOMEONE.
5~. Direct translation for SDF seems tricky, I would have preferred “unsheltered”, however the adaptation of the French « SDF » would lose its flashy social-code.
6~. … I read the news today oh boy.

i~. Standard Associated Press quotation format, in this style, the COLONS become redundant next to a quote, except of course if the quotation gets shifted to a new and indented paragraph:

like so…

in this scenario the quotation marks become redundant.

1er Arrt.

66… parallel to la rue de Rivoli, altura con La Lucha Libre en Châtelet.

Central téléphonique Gutenberg.

Any questions?
Corrosion Of Conformity… Albatross. Run on, run on.

Cécile Desprairies

Page 27

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