Deer, Robert F. Kennedy Junior… Ω³

Please stand-by for linkage with Hilo, Hawaii, where volcanos on primetime perform their show. In Paris, France, Öüï begin to backward-step yesterday’s encounter with the crapper-snapper shutterbug on la rue Jean Lantier.

“So help Mí, Jesus.”

https ://www .francebleu .fr /infos /faits-divers-justice /a-far-right-demonstration-in-annecy-after-the-knife-attack

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2023 /jun /08 /un-enfant-britannique-parmi-les-victimes poignardées-dans-les-alpes-françaises,-selon-le-ministre-des-affaires-étrangères

Ay, Cavuto… this is your CNN moment. Are you wearing your Aluminum hat 🤠, motherfucker? One thing though mister Cavuto did stand out in your interview ({and} no {not} Caroline)… gun control.

And for the record… as an undocumented reject by order of The Year of Mexico in France reorganization board of 2012, know that ÉVRY bad thing that happens in France can be blamed on Mí, but that is only because LA FRANCE is the only developed country that does not believe in the terms, caveat emptor {nor} it’s riding clause, the infamous:

if you break, It!, you buy it, period.

but yes, mister Darminan, what was Eye thinking, when Öüï thought that La France was a serious country. The Syrians are coming to Loue 🐔 to roost.

I mean, can you mister F. Kennedy Junior imagine if the triple-refugee had had access to one of them “collectable” high-powered war rifles like the ones described by gang-specialist Jérôme Pierrat on the Apolline de Malesherbes Show? Can you?


Take, Mí to the river.

… and I will take you to El Puente Negro.

Moving on… Poltergeist 📺

I can see for Miles 🎺


And, Mara Gay … You look swell in Yello’.


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