Reefer Madness with Denisa Kerschovas — Part Tú

It is Prime Rib in Hilo, Hawaii:

As you were, Güera…

Previously on, A New Edition (for Sophie Binet) SoFy, SoFy, Sofy, how many minutes did it take Jupiter to treat you like a patriarch who send sent your meal to the kids table, during a family reunion, or perhaps to Skid Road?

— What’s that, Mr. YourVain? Don’t speak out of turn you pretty son-of-a-bitch. Let The CGT figure this riddle out.

— Go on Ms. Binet, “who?”, as La Kerschovas with her wacky tobaccy on the introductory frame of this post said, to the Law Intern with a belt around her neck, “does Eye know in this VAST POLITICAL WASTELAND that would appreciate Bizet”, Melle. Binet? WHO, Ms. Binet—Who like Kerschovas appreciates Bizet. Answer the question.

Dépêche Toi, let’s go—Let’s GO.

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