“Special delivery for Mango,”… The Saturn Episode³

³~.  Breaking Bad. SE 4, EP 11

La partition et l’engagement
From “A They In The Life”:
If the sun don’t come you get a tan From standing in the English rain.

Previously on BREAKING BAT y CAN:
Dicen que el chile es bueno para la memoria…”, México Para Chile.

Cabine Sauna for the ISS…

The Saturn is KNOT what you think episode. Off-course and in order to synch-in, or rather, freq. hop your way onto this channel you must know the Key of Saturn, for details ask the lizard people on the David Icke spectrum.


Not to be outdone by Artemis-es commode, The International Space Station asked Alfonso Cuarón to deliver a sauna to the International Space Station.

After the break:
It’s better call Saúl Hernández and his number Won hit ⚾,
“El Diablito ».


Batteries not included y, que chingue a su madre Eugenio Dervéz y sus dévoluciones.


The instructions are to install the cabin where Commander Pesquet used to listen to the Beach Boys as he circled a square… or something like that 🐰

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