Dear, Beto O’Rourke… French Président, Emmanuel Macron would like to inquire of You:

Sponsored by Lucky Strike®️


Will there be a FUNeraL for Salvador?… I will send him some RAMOS from Tenon Hospital.

China news network:
Fifa World Cup final: France rain on Vladimir Putin’s parade as Emmanuel Macron gets last laugh at trophy presentation.

And here is WHY, Éric Dutilh, because French Président, EMMANUEL Macron shares the same philosophy as his Mexican 🌯🫔 counterpart.

He likes to protect SICARIOS in France… any questions, ask the new security guard at The FRANPRIX® located next to The Place, where Évry body knows your name. He is the one that beat me up at his old place of Work 👮 at “La Canopée” of Marguerite de Navarre right before the Police Nationale finished me up outside of their old precinct.

What followed at “Le Agora” was swept under the rug, to protect their ‘Bread and Butter’… and mister TONY PALMA knows that I don’t lie.


It’s no wonder why the COURT appointed lawyer from Ethiopia suggested to forget about the CONFLICT OF INTEREST case against the Préfecture and instead use my 10-years in France to request a STAY in France, and get a job as a Security Guard at the mall.


In reel time, Inner-City rail strikes are the talk of the town… but please, mister Monsieur Le Ministre de l’intérieur, Gérald Darmanin³, don’t shoot the messenger 😇… because Armando Serrano-Prieto is only 10 years Old—you SonovAbitCh! He was berely 4 years old when Stephanie Menou’s supervisor at Cité shot him down in order to protect Mateo García’s uncle at Cinema 📽️ Christine en el ‘afamado’  Barrio Latino de Jour et Nuit Cultural Center (Loi 1901).

³~. Don’t be a Manuel Valls, sucking GENARO GARCÍA Luna’s and That Chino Chong’s dick.

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