Ladies in Gemini : DAFT Tacos de Ensenada, featuring, Cathy Bizern y Los Tucanes de Tijuana

Breaking Time Zones… in Hilo, Hawaii, la trêve hivernale is about to expire, after midnight (of all time zones) and in Paris, France, it’s Poisson d’avril knews and news that the 99% can relate to, Emily Munera… like an old tale about the Marseilles-es in Mexico, as contemporary as Pinocchio con Guignol, all strings wrapped au tour de tous nuts!

Over at Radius Franche Musique, GRAbrielle de La Plaza Olvera-Guyon hanged Juan-Bautista Urbanus with a set of The Rolling Strings… Eye is furious, FAST! Eye wants SATºISºFACTºIons Now! Saturnino. And while youse at it, give Mí Shelter, you sexy motherfuckers.

and you are not

¿Quieren más o les guiso un huevo?

You know what’s funny, Señora Bizern, it’s that Cinéma du réelBande annonce du festival on YouTube… would you like to know why? Climb up to the third floor and cross yo’ass into the Tympan jukebox, where you can listen to 2000 versions of Dylan’s “Romance in Durango” but you cannot, EYE repeats, — Ewe cannot watch that neat little Bande Annonce of the Bpi’s OWN film docuMENTaire fest.

It’s one thing to call yourself the public information of whatever, it is quite another to ban Milo the mythbuster guy on the monitored monitors just because mister Xavier Ray is intimidated by Orlando’s doppelganger mane on Ewetu. I swear, looking at all these people just makes me wanna puke on a Mimosa 🍾…

Mateo García of Desierto (2015³) knows this: I can see for Miles, and for Chet, and even for Carlos Colorado 🎺.


Or not, maybe I will head down on one of them kick-ass glass elevators to la “Grand Salle”. I only ask of Mr. Xavier Ray to keep his dogs at bay.

In case We needs to be reminded that in Paris, France, hay escuelas de Perros, see Marco Antonio in the reference file of, “Y tú mamá en Montreuil”.

El Orangutan y yo PONGO la herencia de Brassens AQUÍ

¡Qué vivan los muertos!!!

To: NaNa… Eh Eh Uh Uh 👻

Transmission was garbled and them gremlins cut SoFy’s praise for “La Llorona”, Öüï is not sure if she likes Tonahnah?

En El menu: chile en Ahogada 💀… ahora con Granaditas!!!

Eh-La Boa:

Mi corazón es para Nathalie Piolé ⛏️, off-course!

Kam Sa Mí Da… da 🥖 Execut’EM# All, let Brassens sort’EM# out

National Route 7… French Vacation courtesy of Georges Brassens, inspirado por CARLOS COLORADO, no es Hendrix, bola de PUTOS, es LA BOA.

Deer, Katie Phang… FYI, Eye has, IT!, On good authority that mister Jean°Pierre Melville hired a KNEW Régent, and that sumºbahºbitch just found out that not to be outdone by the SPC, The R91³ is about to drop the letter aitch out of your Phang, thus the next generation aircraft carrier, according to the former Army Mistress, Florence Parly,  will be dubbed:

La CGT vS Sud Corée… dedos a tres croissants sin límite de chouquettes.

PANG (R92) or porta aviones nueva generación por sus siglas en Castellano.

Parmentier was a Fag.

(아줌마) You think that Eye lies?  Check this out, it’s straight from the “Viejas Feas” section of the 4077th Army M*A*S*H* potatos unit… how do you think that Ojo de Halcón got them martinis going, eh? With Parmentier’s logic? Not a chance China Phang. KNOT a chance.

Pan°Franc°Es ∵ Eye says so.