Happy Birthday don Porfirio — patrimonio de Alicia

Fuck you Paris, and Jupiter aussi

15 de septiembre (Twelve years ago)… Issy-les-Moulineaux; Metro 🚇 Ballard. I parked the Blue Pill³, precisely in front of Dr. Poisson’s ground-floor flat, and next to the Technicolor building on la rue Eliane Jeannin-Garreau just before 📍 BFM’er📍TV.

³~. 2005 Ford Ka.

El placer de los dioses — l’ennoblissement du vulgaire.


… 12h, I had to take a dump before heading over to our favorite despot’s tomb en Montparnasse, as I entered el toledo (WC) I could faintly hear a solitary voice singing Las Mañanitas… on my way heading West to the 15éme Division on the aptly named Avenue d’Ouest I encountered a handsome chap dressed in full-charrería regalia del campo, not in the traditional black Rayo de Jalisco suit. We exchanged salutations but I didn’t feel like taking the snapshot.

https ://diario .mx /deportes /jefe-de-red-bull-se-disculpo-con-checo-perez-por-discriminacion-20230914


It’s all Greek to Mí, Morresey. 🎶 The More Ewe Ig°Nor°Mí, the closer Rue gets.

From the East (looking from), Taurus is right behind the upright resting place as if the Bull 🐂 was looking at The Mexican from the top of the that ugly eyesore on the Boulevard de Depart, but if you happen to be looking from the West (rear of tomb) Virgo has both The Moon and The Sun on top 🎩 of the dictator’s spot.

I am the son, I am the heir,
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar,
I am the son and heir,
Of nothing in particular…
It’s just another set of misheard lyrics: The Air of a shyness that is criminally vulgar

I’m a dreamer, bay-bee… so why don’t you kill me.

Viva, La Raza and artistas like Tamayo.
Viva el Cinco de Mayo…

El Vez… (Soy Un Pocho).

… What she said.

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