And, Seska DeVille… I am yer’Element

Objects in tour-quo-ise are closer than La Cigale… Wake up! El Bueno y Los Pelos de La Burra en La Mano.

I can’t even begin to imagine… Starring as Emilio EstaVez and Sharly Cheen, from Switzerland 🇨🇭/🇪🇨 Los Carnales Gutiérrez en el 104 de JFK Boulevard.

Immigrants… dos motherfuckers.

Ant-influencer laws in Banana Republic… how ’bout it, mister Attal, are you a fucking “influencer” or just the “little faggot with the Earnings and The Make-up?” I know that, that is your own Lear jet.


It’s only Them when D.A.R.E. is no “they”, GRABIEL 🕊️ no ThEy GRABIEL! Only Ewe and ThEm. And on the next segment I Will show your nigger-ass what a typical family from Oaxaca looks like, vacationing at ISOLA 2000 and giving the French lithium, to fuel their NEPOTISTIC ideas. And that is the only thing that The Very French have, “ideotas” de Obrador… en Barcelonnette y La Ciudad de París, where mister Jean-Christophe Berjon has his 🦉SANBORNS 🦉 tea, and his fucking Pizza Slice 🍕.

It’s kind of like with don Porfirio and don Mussolini, AMLO’s dream is to make the Trains run to his clock.


In local news, The Palace de l’Elysée is having a party at Cathy’s Blé Hall à Châtelet. It’s an Environmental ball to celebrate the “little break” in the clauses established by GEORGINA MORENO and La COP 21 à Le Bourguet in 2015.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Bourse_de_commerce_de_Paris

Youse Not Sirius


— Garçon!, Get my table… Eye wants to rock all night and “part of Évry They »… friends don’t let Fiends go French, thank you Stephen Spilberg, this is what happens when Susie takes over the programming.

“Lock Her Up”

And, Willie Geist, you know that the only reason why The Boston Celtics lost was because, the Tall Man from Texas revealed that nepotism of the New York Circuit courts, which is why I admire French Minister, Dominique de Villepin’s daughter who sought the Spotlight in New York, as opposed to becoming a toadie at the French Tribunal System or, a Khmissi wife in Maroc.

Friends in Low Places

After the Break, it’s Les Ultra G-Men de Toledo, opening act, Cardinal Ximénez and The Spanish Inquisition.

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