Whatch out, Steph… there’s a « chicano » in that Esquat

HisPanic studies fall semester

Reference dossier follows

Reference dossier follows…  Breaking the News, Fox fires Sheppard, Cristina Aristegui reports.

There’s a Cookie Monster in that fork’s background.

Everybody gknows

Hey everybody, EVRY respectable bum gknows that one kneads a Spoon to eat a Soup Sandwich. Fucking, forks… son puros CUATROS.

… congratulations to the Washington Metropolitan Sector.

this segment is brought to you by:
Pence is a Tree landscaping services

In other news,
Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson:
Sam Stein would look swell in a Donnie Deutsch costume, period

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife:

…,”with Sugar on top”, NO.
If it’s good for Chile,
(the “underacheiver” 9–11)
then, –it SHOULD BE good for dumb fucking redneck values, SO:

Trump’s crime is not “meddlin'”, it is treason. Under U.S. Law he should be either:

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of "LA Pecsi Cº"

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of “LA Pecsi Cº”

… anyone? Anyone?

Coming up on NBC:

Lana Sube....

Lana Sube… lana baja‽

Bollywood para andinos… according to Fatima Bhutto on Mika’s show.

  Guillotine Island
… wait for it, wait… Catch!

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife guest:

BOLLYWOOD... presents

Bollywood presents: Midnight Melanomia… in a Turkish prison. Starring Bud Spencer without “Nobody”. And in the role of Donnie Deutsh: Adolf Hitler.

Fuck You, Eye saved Campbell’s Soup, via La Soupe Populaire. So–Up e POPulaire, get it?

— And Uma goes, Catch-Up‽ Get it?

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