“Submitted for Ewer Approval” — American bad asses

Staff Photo at the « tianquiztli » de Poésie á Saint Sulpice (75006) follows… wait for it, Wait!

In the mean time, PENELOPE, here’s a prospect for the project that we [the staff] will be announcing for our “short” Shortly, eh! Con el permiso de Javier, we think that he is perfect for the Role.

Fenster the copy–editor.

… while, You, Penelope, think about it—we [the staff] switch it over to Steph, whose trying to take over the “purple pundit” role, and Private—what’s his name— qué nos van a traer los pormenores desde Des Moines, Iowa.

Say there, Private “what’s your face”, have Ewe seen the little piggies at the International Porky Pig Fair?

In Calexico, it’s 08:45 in PST.

… pero aquí en París ya son las 18 con uno y lo que sigue es una Tangente Interesante colgada de las anécdotas de MARCUS MILLER y su trayectoria con MILES DAVIS, and it revolves around that time that he (Miller) was told: come on over, and get your lesson… or something like that.

Sin animo de ofender…
esa oportunidad que Marcus Miller recibió no nos fue [al Staff] posible de recibir, NI DE PEDO, pinche BROZO!!! Ni-De-Pedo, porque para nuestra buena suerte el encargado (o uno de los putos –encargados– del escritorio “de los paises que hablan Español en La « bendita » Agence France Presse resultó ser el conyugue de una de las activistas “lideadas” en la llamada protesta mexicana en París, por nuestro “AMIGO” Pablo Gleason; contraproducente resultó también –por si faltará menos– de que dicha familia compartía edificio –eran vecinos, pues– de nuestro espion neo Zapatista: Mr. Gleason… Viva México—Vive La France!!! 

… dear, Brontis á La Prefecture, because we [the Staff] have another dance with Marianne, the following snapshot is dedicated [from the bottom of SEGOVIASPIXES heart] to EWE’All at the 6émé dépôt.

Anygüey, Brontis; before we [the staff] submit for Ewer approval that most unfortunate snapshot, we [the staff] insist that said photograph is posted Sin animo de ofender…

Right now, however… we are going to take a break and a bottle of some kind of Alcohol, so wait for it, Wait…

Dr. Gonzo, in the role of Fenster “the copy editor“:
As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit… [before you post that most unfortnate snapshot] you won’t need much, just a tiny taste.

TimeStamp: The Saxophones and, Mysteries Revealed.

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